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Skinamarink air date confirmed

After scaring over a million dollars at the box office, the movie was a massive hit Skinamarink Confirm when it will be available to stream. Directed and written by Kyle Edward Ball, AMC has announced that Skinamarink will begin streaming exclusively on Shudder very soon, and will debut on the horror platform on Thursday, February 2. budget and produced it in just six days on the big screen. Viewers eager to see the movie won’t have to wait long, and the movie’s release time frame has actually been moved up by almost a year.

talk with Eagle In an interview about the movie, Paul confirmed that after the movie leaked online (after hackers and other horror titles from a European film festival got it) the schedule is on. SkinamarinkIts release on Shudder was moved up by nine months. Initially, the streaming company planned to release the movie in theaters in time for Halloween, taking advantage of a near-vacant horror market in October that generated some buzz. Describing hte movie, Paul said his philosophy was as if the devil directed a movie and got an AI to edit it. The AI ​​can make weird choices, like, “Yeah, I’m going to stay on this lane with nothing for a while.”

for those unaware, Skinamarink An experimental horror film that tells a simple story. Two children find themselves alone in their home, in the middle of the night, without parents seeing parents, trapped by an unseen force that has removed the doors and windows of their home. Is the shot you see a face in the dark? Is it nothing at all? The critics are crazy about the movie, but some audiences, not so much.

As of this writing, Skinamarink It has an approval rating of 73%, fresh, on Rotten Tomatoes, with the critical consensus reading: “Skinamarink can be more disorienting than scary, but for viewers able or willing to connect to its unique wavelength, this unsettling film will be hard to shake.” However, the audience score tells a different story, at 43% with the consensus reading: “It may be scary for some, but for many viewers, Skinamarink is dreadfully boring. Read the audience ratings.”

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