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Teen Wolf Movie Sequel Starring Derek's Son Teased by Creator

Creator Jeff Davis is teasing a possible sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie starring Derek’s son, Eli. A continuation of the popular MTV series, Teen Wolf, the supernatural drama premiered on Paramount+ on January 26. It follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) as he travels back to Beacon Hills to assist Chris Argent (JR Bourne) in carrying out a ritual that would seemingly allow Allison’s (Crystal Reed) soul to cross over. However, complications arise when Allison gets brought back to life, along with the Nogitsune, who begins manipulating her. While there was excitement over seeing a number of characters return in Teen Wolf: The Movie, it was a surprise to learn that Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) had a child, and that he played a significant role throughout.

Portrayed by Vince Mattis, Eli spends a majority of the Teen Wolf movie avigating his relationship with Derek and struggles with the idea of being a werewolf. Based on how everything unfolds, there are lingering questions about if his story will ever be revisited. Now, in an interview with TV Insider, Davis teased that if Teen Wolf were to continue, it would likely focus on Eli, noting “the idea of passing the baton.” Read Davis’ comments regarding a possible sequel below:

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As Teen Wolf: The Movie progressed, it establishes several parallels between Eli and Scott, leaving matters open for another film or television series. Not only is Eli a teenager attending Beacon Hills High School, but he is also a member of the lacrosse team. Wearing the same jersey number as Scott, he mentions that he does not get much playing time and even has a similar relationship with Coach Finstock (Orny Adams). After the surprising death of Derek, who tells Scott that Eli is a part of his pack, it appears as though Posey’s character will look after him moving forward.

There is an emphasis on Eli’s character, who ended up being important to his father’s story and the decision made at the end. Throughout much of the film, he is reluctant to transform, and Derek believes it has something to do with an incident from his youth. Eli eventually embraces his ability and fights alongside both Derek and Scott to hurt the Nogitsune before he is killed by Parrish (Ryan Kelley). Eli’s growth suggests that should a sequel take place after the events of the movie, there will be a lot more of his arc to explore. A sequel move or show would also allow for more to be learned about the identity of Eli’s mother, which has been left a mystery but could come into play in the future.

In the final moments of Teen Wolf: The Movie, the possibility of a new story seems to be directly teased and, in the end, there is an image of Eli with glowing eyes, while Derek’s voice can be heard. The concept is there for another movie or series, and with new developments being made surrounding the return of Allison and a number of different relationships, it will be interesting to see if other characters would return. Viewers hoping to explore more of the series’ universe and find out what a Teen Wolf sequel movie or show could have in store for Eli and others can be sure to check out Teen Wolf: The Movie and be on the lookout for more news.

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