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TEXAS HURRICANE: St. Hyacinth Catholic Church in Deer Park resumes mass service after a devastating storm in the state’s southeast

Deer Park, Texas (KTRK) – Clean-up efforts are underway at Deer Park after a tornado Tuesday swept away many of the town’s homes and businesses.

Places of worship such as St. Hyacinth Catholic Church sustained significant damage.

The priest told ABC13 that they will have one group service on Sunday at 10 a.m. thanks to generators keeping the lights on and also to give parishioners a sense of normalcy.

He said the property had suffered significant damage. The catechism building collapsed, and the church sustained some damage.

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Crews have been clearing the rubble since Tuesday.

Due to the conditions of the entire property and lack of restroom facilities they are limiting the all inclusive schedule.

Parishioners can listen to the live broadcast at 10 am

Father Samuel said the clean-up process will take some time while crews continue to monitor and assess damage.

They welcome any financial donations through their website and the local parish website as well.

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