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The creator of Hajime no Ippo knows how the series will end

We here at definitely have a soft spot for Hajime no Ippo, the boxing anime series that has been a part of the anime world since it debuted as a manga in 1989. It has spawned a number of TV series and movies throughout its history, with the latter being Hajime no Ippo: Rise In 2013, the series from author George Morikawa has continued for decades to this day. Recently, the mangaka revealed that he has an ending to the series, which will end Ippo’s long boxing journey.

While Morikawa has an end in mind for the series, he is not sure at the moment when that end will happen. George himself was close friends with Berserk creator Kentaro Miura, as the two began their careers with long-running manga franchises that began in the 1980s and rose to prominence in the anime world. After Miura’s tragic death, writer Koji Mori and the artists at Studio Gaga made the difficult decision to continue the series, noting that this was what Kentaro wanted, using discussions and observations for the future of the series to weave in new chapters.

Hajime is endless

George Morikawa took to his official Twitter account to state that he has come to a conclusion on how Ippo’s long story finally came to an end, stating what follows in the upcoming conclusion that will bring the story that has been going on for more than thirty years to an end. Conclusion:

“I debuted at 17, so I turned 40 as a manga artist on my birthday in January. 34 of those years is just the beginning. I think it’s quite a long time, but there’s not much to be proud of. Because I never finished the series myself, I’ve The final episode of Ippo has already been decided, so I hope to welcome it with the readers.”

Right now, there’s no word on a possible new anime series that would take TV viewers back to the world of Ippo, though there is more than enough manga material for an adaptation if the boxing anime decides to make another comeback in the future.

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