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The first live-action ad for Spider-Man 2 is shown during an ESPN broadcast

A few hours ago, an ESPN livestream revealed the first live-action teaser for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Insomniac plans to release the game in a 2023 release, and Sony has clearly kicked the marketing campaign. The video ad shows live coverage of Peter Parker trapping the city’s criminals in a massive man-made web.

Related: Marvel’s Spider-Man’s ending makes it the best Peter Parker storyThe trailer only lasts 15 seconds because it’s supposed to be a short ad between sports. In just a few seconds, however, we can confirm a fall 2023 release date. The clip also confirms that Peter Parker will be teaming up with Miles Morales as they appear to be rocking a parade.


News about Spider-Man 2 has been sparse since the 2021 trailer was revealed at the PlayStation show. About a week ago, Yuri Lowenthal, who plays Peter Parker, confirmed that development of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was on track and set for the announced release date.

While the latest teaser confirms the Peter and Miles team-up, it doesn’t depict the gameplay. As for who the duo will be fighting in New York City, the previous teaser hinted at the arrival of Kraven the Hunter, aka Sergei Kravinoff, Venom, and Tony Todd as the evil symbiote.

Marvel’s Spider-Man premiered in 2018 exclusively on PlayStation 4, and features characters like Rhino, Mary-Jane Watson, the Vulture, Otto Octavius, and more. The game received high praise for its portrayal of iconic characters, including Peter Parker, well-designed graphics, and smart gameplay. The game has since been remastered, along with the Spider-Man: Miles Morales expansion that introduced Roxxon and Prowler.

There isn’t much to glean from the latest teaser, especially in terms of gameplay and narrative. It ends with the PS5 listed as “in stock now,” which seems like a deliberate hint that the stock shortage is now over. The latest part also confirms a Spring 2023 release for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. However, since the teaser aired in Australia, the release dates fall between September and November since these are the spring months in Australia.

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