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The Pixel Tablet can be powered by a Tensor G2 chip and has two docks

Despite previous rumors that Google had a “Pro” version of its upcoming Pixel Tablet, a new leak has revealed that the company won’t be launching a Pixel Tablet Pro anytime soon. The leak shows that Google will only release one variant of the Pixel Tablet, possibly the rumored “Pro” variant but without the “Pro” tag.

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski, who first shared details about the Pixel Tablet Pro last year, has discovered new clues that suggest the rumored “Pro” variant will actually launch as the regular Pixel Tablet. In a recent thread of tweets, Wojciechowski revealed that Google had begun development on the Pixel Tablet with a device codenamed “tangor,” which featured a first-generation Tensor SoC. During development, the company reportedly scrapped the device in favor of a “tangorpro” (an alleged Pixel Tablet Pro) that features a Tensor G2 chip.

Google reportedly intends to launch the device codenamed “tangorpro” as the Pixel Tablet, and we won’t get the “Pro” variant after all. Wojciechowski further adds that an anonymous source confirmed that the Pixel Tablet will pack 8GB LPDDR5 RAM sourced from Samsung and 256GB of internal storage from Kioxia. The source also revealed that the tablet will have a side-mounted fingerprint reader and a 2560 x 1600 LCD panel.

Finally, Wojciechowski has obtained additional images of the Pixel tablet which confirm that it will launch with two different charging docks, codenamed ‘korlan’ and ‘yuzu’. The only difference between the two docks is that one will have a built-in speaker, while the other will only offer charging capabilities.

Featured image via Kuba Wojciechowski

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