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The Riot Games Social Impact Fund is donating more than $6 million to charities around the world

Riot Games has announced that more than $6 million has been donated to charities around the world through its Social Impact Fund. Players’ votes helped determine which nonprofits received the money.

Launched in 2019, the Social Impact Fund is a way for Riot Games to invest directly in non-profit organizations that address systemic issues in society. the Social Impact Fund page The official Riot Games website lists the initiative’s priorities: citizenship, education, opportunity, and sustainability. Players have contributed to the Social Impact Fund by purchasing Star Guardian cosmetics in League of Legends and the Give Back pack in Valorant.


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December 12-22, Riot Games Open voting for players To help decide which charities will be awarded the money. The charity vote campaign allowed community members to vote on three nonprofits in each country across 28 countries. The organization with the highest votes from each country will receive half of the funds earmarked for their country, while the other two non-profit organizations will receive one-fourth of the total funds earmarked for each. All nonprofits featured in the campaign were guaranteed at least $15,000.

In collaboration with GlobalGiving, Riot Games has recorded the results of the campaign. All 83 non-profit organizations were allocated a portion of the more than $6 million raised, with some organizations receiving more than others as determined by player votes. Riot Games reports that the total amount collected is equivalent to approximately 550,000 Star Guardian Taliyah skins.

The nonprofit organizations with the most votes are doing various missions, from education and gender equality to climate change. Cultiva Reforestation Initiative received half of the funds for Chile. The World Wildlife Fund, a charity focused on wildlife conservation, was the top-voted organization in the US, while Drive Forward, a non-profit that aims to empower young people leaving foster homes, won the hearts of UK voters. . The full list of Social Impact Fund award recipients is available at Riot Games website.

At the conclusion of the voting campaign, some 775,000 votes had been received from community members around the world. “It has been truly inspiring to see all of our players come together to stand up for the causes they care about the most,” Riot Games stated. With the success of the Social Impact Fund, players can expect Riot Games’ philanthropic efforts to only expand this year.

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