Those Killings In The Name Of Biafra Are ‘Enemies Of Ndigbo’- MASSOB

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, weekend, sounded a note of warning on the consequences of increasing killings in the Southeast in the guise of agitating for Biafra.

MASSOB said perpetrators of such acts ‘are enemies of Ndigbo’.

MASSOB’s national director of information, Comrade Edeson Samuel, in a statement made available to THE WHISTLER in Awka, said ‘killing your brothers and sisters in the name of Biafra is no longer agitation for Biafra’, adding that ‘it’s an abomination in Igboland’.

Quoting him, “It’s evil and abomination in Igbo land for one to kill his own brother or sister no matter the reason. Even when they don’t believe in Biafra with you, you don’t have to kill them.”

He condemned Thursday’s attack at Awgu, Enugu State, during the rally of the Peoples Democratic Party of Enugu West zone, which led to loss of a life and wounded many people.

The statement continued, “MASSOB has maintained our stand on Biafra agitation which remains sacrosanct. You can’t get Biafra by killing your people because they belong to one political party or the other.

“You can gain their support through sensitization and not by coercion. MASSOB wishes to make it clear that these killer squads are working against Igbo interest, or being paid by our enemies to destroy Ala Igbo.

“They have destroyed the economy of Ndigbo. They have turned Southeast into a war zone, killing people at will.

“The recent attack on the innocent citizens of Awgu and killing an unarmed woman, inflicting others with injury is clear evidence that they are truly enemies of Ndigbo.”

The pro-Biafra group pleaded with those behind such attacks to ‘have a rethink if actually they are working for the actualisation of Biafra’.

The statement added, “You cannot be agitating for the freedom of Biafra; at the same time killing the same biafrans.”

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