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Tron: Ares Title Meaning Could Reveal 3 Story Details

A new TRON movie called TRON: Ares is in the works, and its title could give away three massive story details. TRON: Ares will be the first entry in the franchise since 2010’s TRON: Legacy, and although it isn’t known if the film is a sequel or a reboot, it will most likely share the same world and story structure as the previous two TRON movies. There are still a lot of questions up in the air about TRON: Ares, but the title does give several hints about the movie’s story and characters.

TRON: Ares will be the next entry in Disney’s beloved TRON franchise, this time starring Jared Leto. Leto didn’t appear in the original TRON or in TRON: Legacy, with the new character already being a sign that TRON: Ares will make some significant changes to the franchise. It’s also being reported that Jared Leto’s TRON 3 will be directed by Joachim Rønning, who also directed Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. The story of TRON: Ares is still under wraps, but here are three details that the movie’s title has already seemingly given away.

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The first big detail that the title of TRON: Ares could give away is the name of Jared Leto’s main character. While this may initially seem like a stretch, there’s some pretty strong evidence to back it up. Another TRON 3 was in development before TRON: Ares, with the TRON: Legacy follow-up being announced not long after the 2010 film. Although it was in development hell for a while, former director Joseph Kosinski gave an update on the project in 2017, saying it was still in development. Only a few days later, Jared Leto’s attachment to the canceled original TRON 3 was announced, with his character being named Ares.

While there have been a lot of changes between the original TRON 3 plans and the recently-revealed TRON: Ares, Jared Leto’s involvement has been the one constant. Considering the film’s title, it seems like the Ares name has stuck, with TRON: Ares most likely referring to Jared Leto’s previously announced character, Ares. Why he is named after the Greek god of war is still uncertain, but more details will surely be revealed as development on TRON: Ares continues.

TRON: Ares‘ titular connection to the Greek god of war could be more significant than just a name drop. A massive plot revelation was unveiled at the end of TRON: Legacy, with Olivia Wilde’s Quorra leaving the Grid and coming into the real world. This is interesting due to the fact that, unlike San Flynn, Quorra is a program. This means that she was able to create a flesh-and-blood body that allowed her to relocate to the real world, something that could be further explored in TRON: Ares. However, this time it could be for a much more villainous purpose.

TRON: Ares could see Jared Leto’s character come to the real world and attempt to start a war with the humans, literally fulfilling his god of war name. At the end of TRON: Legacy, Sam deactivates the Grid, meaning that the programs could have a reason to seek revenge in TRON: Ares. Jared Leto’s character in TRON: Ares could have the power to hack into various weapons and computers, with the sentient program having a lot more access to technology with modern-day connectivity. The god of war name definitely makes Jared Leto’s character seem more villainous, perfectly complimenting this scary TRON: Legacy setup.

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Another possible story detail could reveal that the villain in TRON: Ares is actually a villain from the original movie: The Master Control Program. The MCP is essentially the god of the Grid, having the ability to bend the computer system to his will. He’s shown that he will torture programs and start fights for his enjoyment, and a torturous god lines up perfectly with the title of TRON: Ares.

MCP was the main villain in the original TRON, and although he didn’t appear in TRON: Legacy, the sequel did give him the perfect villain setup for TRON 3. The MCP was hinted at in a TRON: Legacy Easter egg, with the villain’s name being the pseudonym of another character. Although the MCP was deleted in the first TRON, the Grid will have to be rebooted after the events of TRON: Legacy, meaning that the MCP could easily come back. Although there are still a lot of questions, the title of TRON: Ares has already set up a villainous story in these three big ways.

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