“Welcome to YG family Park Bo-gum”: Fans rejoice as Park Bo-gum becomes the first actor to officially join The Black Label

Entertainer Park Bo-gum has formally joined The Dark Name and has turned into the primary Korean entertainer to join the record mark.

In an explanation on Monday, January 30, The Dark Name formally affirmed that they have marked an elite agreement with quite possibly of the most unmistakable entertainer in South Korea, who is continuously getting adoration and trust from individuals.

Park Bo-gum is perhaps of the most unmistakable character in South Korea and is nicknamed Country’s Younger Sibling and Country’s Child in-regulation due to his remarkable presentation in the time of-coming show Answer 1988.

After hearing the news, fans were cheerful, with one tweeting:

In 2018, the pioneer behind YG Amusement, Yang Hyun-suk, referenced in an episode of YG Fortune Box how he laments passing up abilities like Downpour and Park Bo-gum. He expressed that he will consider looks prior to joining with any craftsman.

The Answer 1988 entertainer once tried out for YG Diversion, where he sang 2AM’s number melody This Tune. In any case, the entertainer couldn’t make it for reasons unknown. Yang Hyun-suk makes reference to that he is most remorseful about passing up the said entertainer.

Nonetheless, things have changed, and the entertainer has formally turned into a piece of YG Diversion by joining its partner organization, The Dark Name.

In a proclamation delivered by The Dark Name, the office said:

“We have marked an administration contract with Park Bo Gum, who is one of South Korea’s driving entertainers and who has been getting adoration and trust of the overall population while exchanging this way and that between the little and cinemas.” The office proceeded with the fact that they were so happy to sign a selective agreement with the entertainer and expressed:

“We are incredibly glad to have the option to cooperate with entertainer Park Bo Gum, whose worldwide impact stretches out past Korea. As entertainer Park Bo-gum has a wide assortment of charms and gifts, we will expand our utilization of THEBLACKLABEL’s assets and skill with the goal that he can extend his charms in various fields, including as an entertainer. We will go all out in our help everywhere.”

The Dark Name is as of now profoundly dynamic in venturing into entertainer the executives. The entertainer was supposed to join Hybe Marks, yet both the entertainer and the organization rejected that he wouldn’t sign with Hybe Names.

Fans are elated that it will open new open doors for the entertainer, and he will actually want to seek after his singing profession also.

The Answer 1988 entertainer has featured in a few shows and motion pictures throughout the long term. He is a multitalented person who succeeds in displaying, singing, moving, and acting. He is known for his modest methodology and exceptional undertakings.

Park Bo-gum is notable for Adoration in the Twilight, Answer 1988, Record of Youth, Experience, and numerous different dramatizations. He as of late finished his tactical obligation in April 2022

He was as of late affirmed to be the lead in the forthcoming time frame show You Have Done Well close by IU.

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