What is the Winnie The Pooh Pathology Test TikTookay pattern?

The Winnie The Pooh TikTookay Pathology Test is a questionnaire that relates characters from Winnie The Pooh to completely totally different psychological nicely being issues.

Be prepared in your favorite childhood characters to be ruined as Winnie The Pooh characters have now been linked to completely totally different conditions resembling Depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Schizophrenia.

Let’s delve into the model new quiz that’s taking TikTookay by storm as Pathology Test matches your character with an animated furry buddy.

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What is the Winnie The Pooh Pathology Test?

Created by Individual Differences Research, the examine allegedly reveals which psychological nicely being issues a person may endure from based mostly totally on the Winnie The Pooh character that they’re most very like.

To take the examine it’s important to answer to a sequence of statements surrounding your emotions and the means you react in various conditions.

The quiz makes use of your options to match you to characters from the baby’s current. It then claims the characters’ personalities may probably be linked to psychological nicely being issues.

The examine description reveals: “Professors Dr. Sarah E. Shea (M.D.), Dr. Kevin Gordon (M.D.), and associates studied the characters of Winnie The Pooh and concluded that each of them could be linked to a definite psychiatric diagnosis.”

It is mentioned that the examine shouldn’t be misconstrued as expert or “certified advice” and that “no test ever devised can designate your personality style with complete accuracy.” Despite the small print, the quiz has become the internet’s latest viral sample.



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What psychological nicely being dysfunction is each character related to?

Winnie The Pooh is mentioned to Attention Deficit Disorder. The quiz claims that Pooh will get “easily lost in his own world” and has a “short attention span”. The honey-loving bear will also be acknowledged to have an “obsessive fixation” with the sugary snack.

Piglet is claimed to have an Anxiety Disorder, in step with the quiz. The poor piggy spends a lot of time “excessively worrying” and “anticipating negative outcomes” in step with the quiz.

The quiz claims that if Eeyore was to endure from a psychological nicely being dysfunction it could possibly be despair. The quiz alleges that Eeyore suffers from “chronically low moods” and “feelings of hopelessness”. These indicators are moreover tied to people who endure from despair.

Tigger is “overly excited” and “high energy” subsequently the quiz has claimed he may need ADHD. The exams reveal that people who endure from this dysfunction have a “high stimulus threshold and trouble feeling fear”.

Rabbit is really helpful to have OCD, in step with the quiz. This assumption has likely been made ensuing from his neat residence and yard. The examine claims that indicators of “perfectism” are linked to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The examine alleges that Roo may need autism as a result of it states that he “lacks awareness of what is going on around him.” The quiz notes that these with autism are generally “unaware of social clues and subtexts.”

Who would have thought it, the quiz claims that the beloved childhood character Christopher Robin, may want Schizophrenia. At the tip of the day, Christopher Robin does “believe he can talk to animals and creates an entire fantasy world that only he lives in.” The examine claims that Robin may need two ego states, “an ordinary one in the real world and a magical one.” These indicators are generally seen in anyone affected by schizophrenia.

What questions are on the Pooh Pathology Test?

There are 33 inquiries to answer, nevertheless listed below are amongst the questions on the Pooh Pathology Test:

  • When I actually really feel overwhelmed by my senses, I’ve to isolate myself to shut them down.
  • My concepts soar from matter to matter with little consistency or administration.
  • The thought-about having no one in my nook to look out for me makes me severely afraid.
  • If issue comes my strategy, I don’t actually really feel blissful about it. I don’t actually really feel I must be blissful.
  • I’m quick to behave on a whim, contemplating little with regard to the unfavourable penalties of my actions.
  • Even when points are going great for me, I’m anxious that it gained’t ultimate.
  • I always be sure that my work is well-planned and well-structured.
  • Sarcasm and tone of voice are generally misplaced on me.
  • I’m constantly daydreaming.
  • When I start feeling down, it’s as if I preserve sinking until I’ve hit all-time low.

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