Where is Kai Lawrence’s Mom Shirley Now?

Thanks to Netflix’s ‘The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker,’ most of the people curiosity in Kai Lawrence, AKA Caleb Lawrence McGillivary. The hitchhiker gained lots fame after apparently saving a lady from an intoxicated driver. The interview he gave to Jessob Reisback following the incident made him an internet sensation. While Kai claimed that he had no family and didn’t have a remaining title, the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker’s family members rapidly found about his whereabouts. In the documentary, we get to fulfill Shirley, Kai’s mother, who shares her perspective of what the hitchhiker’s childhood was like. If you may be desirous to be taught additional about her current whereabouts, right here’s what we be taught concerning the similar!

Who is Shirley?

It was on September 3, 1988, that Shirley, alongside collectively together with her then-husband Gil McGillivary, welcomed their son Caleb/Kai into the world. However, when their son was merely 4, the couple divorced, and Kai often frolicked at his mother’s dwelling. Talking about her son’s claims of being locked up as a toddler, Shirley claimed that it was certainly not as excessive as he made it out to be. She elaborated that whereas she did usually maintain Kai in his room, she certainly not did absolutely “lock him in a room.”

Kai Lawrence and Shirley

According to Shirley, she would “stop the ability of him[Kai] getting out of the room too early.” This was apparently to take care of a youthful Kai protected as he tended to get into points which can damage him bodily. She acknowledged that it was on account of her son was a “free spirit” who would often stand up ahead of her. Hence, as a accountable mom or father, she claimed to have taken the selection to take care of Kai in his room, nevertheless this occurred for a short timeframe.

In the documentary, Shirley shared that Caleb apparently might have had ADHD, one factor that his father has claimed to be factually applicable. However, Shirley has certainly not agreed to the latter assertion nevertheless does acknowledge that her son may have had some factors which may have led to his actions as a toddler and grownup. In May 2013, when Kai was accused of murder, Shirley acknowledged that she had not been concerned collectively together with her son given that fall of 2012. However, she was vocal about her help for her son and acknowledged that his family would always be by his side.

Where is Shirley Now?

As of writing, Shirley seemingly lives in Saint Paul, Alberta. Her newest look throughout the Netflix sequence clarify quite a lot of Kai’s childhood, the place she addressed a lot of the controversial claims that the favored hitchhiker remodeled time. According to Shirley, her son’s troubles are a outcomes of his trusting nature, and he tends to position his perception throughout the unsuitable people. She has acknowledged that she must fulfill her son and has suggested him the similar. However, Kai has apparently not however consented to see her at New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, New Jersey, the place he’s presently serving his sentence.

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