Which nursing schools have shut down in Florida? Multi-million-dollar fake diploma scheme explained as 25 get arrested

Three South Florida nursing schools have been blamed by Division for Equity investigators of offering 7,600 phony certificates that permitted understudies to skip a very long time of clinical preparation.

The elaborate schools, to be specific the Siena School in Lauderhill, the Palm Ocean side School of Nursing in West Palm Ocean side, and the Sacrosanct Heart Worldwide Foundation in West Palm Ocean side, have been closed down.

Markenzy Lapointe, the U.S. Lawyer for South Florida, called the activities of those included “miserable” and expressed:

“An extortion conspire like this disintegrates public confidence in our medical care framework.”
25 respondents, including school chiefs and certificate beneficiaries, were accused of taking part in a wire extortion conspire and could have to deal with upwards of 20 years in jail whenever sentenced.

Florida schools sold false certificates for generally $15,000 each, making more than $100 million somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2021

The FBI and Wellbeing and Human Administrations’ Office of the Investigator General, who chipped away at the examination, named it “Activity Songbird” after Florence Songbird, the organizer behind current nursing.

As of late unlocked court archives uncovered that the three Florida-based schools ready and offered counterfeit records as well as selling certificates.

Counterfeit certificates and records permitted potential nursing contender to sit for the public nursing board test. Breezing through the test permitted them to get licenses as enrolled medical caretakers (RNs), authorized functional attendants (LPNs), and professional attendants (VNs) and go after positions as attendants in different states.

Of the 7,600 up-and-comers, around 2,400 were cleared for the board test in New York. Medical caretakers ensured in New York can rehearse in numerous different states. Large numbers of the medical caretakers went to work at offices in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Maryland, and Tennessee.

Among individuals who were charged were New Jersey inhabitants Stanton Witherspoon and Alfred Sellu and New York occupant Rene Bernadel. The three “requested and enrolled” potential individuals looking for qualifications for their nursing licenses.

They then worked with Eunide Sanon at Siena School, Charles Etienne of the Hallowed Heart Global Establishment, and Johanah Napolean of the Palm Ocean side School of Nursing to make and disseminate fake certifications. Moreover, school representatives at these Florida schools, Gail Russ, Cheryl Stanley, Krystal Lopez, and Ricky Riley, were likewise involved.

In a proclamation, American Nursing Affiliation President Jennifer Mensik Kennedy made sense of that the “planned scheme” was “upsetting” and “profoundly disrupting.” She added that there is no easy route to learning and that it is a “exceptionally specific and moral calling” that requires extended periods of time of schooling and preparing, which can’t be accomplished for the time being.

Markenzy Lapointe, a U.S. lawyer in South Florida, expressed:

“In addition to the fact that this is a public security concern, yet it likewise discolors the standing of medical caretakers who really complete the requesting clinical and coursework expected to get their expert licenses and business.”

Specialist in Control Omar Pérez Aybar made sense of that offering counterfeit confirmations and records to “unfit people” could “possibly imperil the wellbeing and security of patients” and “affront the fair calling of nursing.” In any case, examiners haven’t found any attendants that have hurt the patients.

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