Who is Chessie Wood and the place is she now? Whereabout explored forward of Monster within the Shadows on Oxygen

At the objective when the specialists entered the case, they revealed one factor dinky. The full family, along with Chessie Wood, have been working an adolescent misuse intercourse ring.

In 2013, Chessie was accused of homosexuality and sexual maltreatment. She supposedly had intercourse with an adolescent relative who was beneath 12 years of age at the moment, even when she denies each of many bills.

A couple of years after the actual fact, she confessed and continues to be watching out for her little girl.

The mother is presently ending up her punishment on the Versatile Region Metro Prison and was thought of as at respectable fault for first-degree homosexuality and of teenager intercourse misuse. The uncommon case shall be explored exhaustively in Oxygen’s exact wrongdoing sequence Beast within the Shadows. The episode named The Missing will air on January 30.

“Alabama high schooler Brittney Wood vanishes in 2012 and is at no point ever seen or heard from in the future; her family’s examination makes a forward leap.”
Trigger admonition: This article accommodates notices of homicide. Attentiveness is impressed.

At spherical 7:30 PM, Brittney was accepted to have left her home as she was visiting her companion. She didn’t return on the booked time nonetheless her family was not fearful at this stage as a result of it was not unnatural for her to not return on time.

As it appears, the subsequent day her uncle was tracked down lying inside his vehicle in a pool of blood. He was shot and it was as of now that Chessie wished to be educated with regard to the experience. The mother couldn’t view as her and he or she grew to grow to be careworn. Chessie recorded a missing grievance on June 2.

Brittney’s family have been associated to teenager intercourse misuse ring While researching the case, the police revealed a whole teenager intercourse misuse ring that was successfully established within the family for 3 ages. Brittney’s uncle, Donnie Holland, alongside his vital completely different Wendy and Brittney’s brother Derek have been one of many guys.

In the event that experiences are to be accepted, Brittney herself was a survivor of the maltreatment as an adolescent nonetheless this couldn’t be demonstrated as every she and her uncle weren’t accessible on the hour of the examination.

Examinations uncovered that Brittney was collectively along with her uncle Holland on the day she disappeared. He allegedly acquired her from her home and the 2 of them left for his home at night.

The following day, Holland was current in his vehicle with a discharge, which was at first remembered to have been a self destruction. Nonetheless, an examination later uncovered that the firearm used to hearth him had a spot with Brittney. Subsequently, the police began to only settle for that it perhaps acquired’t have been a self destruction however a homicide.

Chessie acquired’t accept that her little girl died regardless figures that she’s going to return. As Brittney was most simply recently seen collectively along with her uncle Donnie, the mother furthermore accepts that her little girl might have realized with regard to the intercourse wrongdoing ring that her uncle ran and went to face as a lot as him.

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