Who is Dr Rollan Roberts II’s spouse Rebecca? POTUS run speech interrupted by fainting

Dr Rollan Roberts II’s spouse, Rebecca, collapsed within the midst of a press conference the place Roberts was asserting that he might be working for president of the United States.

The video that resurfaced this week was actually filmed on January 21. Rebecca is presently 5 months pregnant with their first toddler collectively.

Roberts was asserting that he shall be standing as a Republican candidate for the 2024 election when Rebecca fainted, nevertheless she is later seen sitting on a chair throughout the video as her husband continues his speech.

The couple have responded to the video with an announcement on social media.

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Senator releases assertion after spouse faints all through speech

On January 27, Roberts’ shared footage of him and his spouse on the press conference along with a statement shared on social media.

It began: “Presidential Candidate Rollan Roberts, and his wife, Rebecca, are grateful for the outpouring of concern over her health during the pregnancy of their first son, Rollan III (R3).”

The assertion outlined that Rebecca’s medical crew examined her earlier to the press conference and was “closely monitoring the situation as it happened.”

Roberts’ option to run for president was a family one, it continued, and her nicely being, being pregnant, and the supply of their first toddler was a “major consideration”.

Rebecca Roberts responds to criticism

Rebecca dubbed the criticism given to her husband following the footage of her fainting going viral as “unjust” and “infuriating.”

As Rebecca was standing behind Roberts, there was no means for him to see that she had fainted.

“If people would watch the full video, they’ll see him move towards me within seconds once he saw what was happening,” she talked about.

Roberts helped her up afterwards, stopped the press conference, and spent minutes with the medical crew to see in the event that they’d proceed.

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Who is Dr Rollan Roberts II’ spouse, Rebecca Roberts?

Rebecca Lea Roberts is Dr Rollan Roberts’ II spouse. The two tied the knot in June 2021 and predict their first son, Rollan III, on July 2 2023. Roberts moreover has two daughters (17 and 21) from a earlier marriage.

According to Pageantry Magazine, Rebecca was a Pageantry and PromTime Fashion-showcase model and later labored on the Miss United States Pageant as a result of the religious advisor and choreographer.

In 2021, Rebecca launched that she might be working as a result of the Executive Producer and Choreographer for Miss New Jersey International.

She has moreover labored as a choreographer at fairly a couple of pageants paying homage to for Miss Florida Cosmos United States and for The USA Ambassador Pageant.

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