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Who is Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit, Full Body Shots of the Attack

Who is Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Video Viral on Twitter and Reddit, Full Body Shots of the Attack!

The viral skirmish or attack on former House Speaker Paul Pelosi’s husband has been in the news for quite some time. While it was in the news again this week as the court handed over several statements on the case. While this incident happened last year, Paul was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries and also body damage. Well, now police officers and others related to the case have been asked to be present in court while the judge has passed several statements and orders on the case.

Who is Paul Pelosi?

Stay tuned as we discuss Paul Pelosi’s viral hammer attack video posted online in detail. According to reports, the court issued a statement this Friday ordering police officers involved in the case to release dash cam footage that was recorded after officers arrived at Paul’s. While this video was previously classified as confidential, it is now being released because the media and another official requested its release, and the court has now ordered the release of the video.

Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack video

This body camera revealed how Paul was captured by the attacker and was also beaten while the police arrived and took charge of the situation, arrested the suspect and also took Paul to the hospital. In the shocking video, Paul is caught by the attacker and in the next scene the police arrive. While on the other side the officer says what’s going on and a conversation starts while the attacker is seen holding a hammer.

Paul Pelosi Body Camera Footage of the attack

On the other hand, Paul is scared and also struggling to breathe. as the attacker attacks Paul, Paul falls to the ground unable to breathe and the suspect struggles and falls to the ground. Paul also suffered fractures and injuries in this incident. He also had a broken skill and injury. As Paul went through his injuries, he underwent surgery and was also hospitalized for weeks. The video was posted online after the statement was received on Friday.

Who are the suspects?

The suspect in this case was David Depape from Canada. It was mentioned that he would face state and federal criminal charges and it was later mentioned that the suspect’s charges were later dropped and he also later pleaded not guilty. Although it was also revealed that the attack was motivated by political reasons and that there was no personal intent in this attack. For confidentiality reasons, the police and the court are not releasing information about this attack or the political motive. While DePape claimed the decision was evil, he made a statement in Washington about the ruling party.

In addition, the officers also discovered that not only did Dape want to kill or harm Paul, but he had the same intentions to harm other politicians, as well as California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is also a Democrat. While there has been an increase in politically motivated attacks in the past few months, many high-ranking officials have also been targeted. Police are looking forward to bringing it under control on a huge scale, with a man also arrested last year for trying to harm a politician. Follow My Morning Tea.

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