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Who Plays Frank In The Last Of Us Show

Warning: Contains minor spoilers for The Last of Us video game.

When deciding who should play Frank in The Last of Us HBO went with a pretty big name for the video game character. In the original video game, Frank is a fairly minor character, and his mere presence in HBO’s The Last of Us could be a surprise for viewers who have played the game. The Last of Us‘ Frank might look familiar, but that’s not a surprise when this isn’t even his first HBO show.

In the first The Last of Us Game, Frank is never actually seen alive. Frank’s body can be found when Joel and Ellie go to Bill’s town, with Frank having already taken his own life after becoming infected. From reading notes that can be found throughout the game, it is heavily implied that Frank and Bill were a romantic couple. With Frank appearing alive in HBO’s The Last of Us, it’s clear that Bill and Frank’s story will be significantly expanded, with the series bringing in a powerful actor to play Frank opposite Nick Offerman’s Bill.

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Actor Murray Bartlett will be playing Frank in HBO’s The Last of Us, acting alongside Nick Offerman as Bill. If the HBO series follows the journey of the game, Murray Bartlett probably won’t be in the series long, as Joel and Ellie leave Bill and Frank’s booby-trapped town not long after they first arrive. Due to Frank’s expanded role, Murray Bartlett will get the chance to define his character in a way other The Last of Us actors haven’t been able to with their faithful adaptations. Hopefully, Frank’s story ends more positively in HBO’s The Last of Us than it does in the game, but with the show’s current pattern, that doesn’t seem too likely

Murray Bartlett isn’t new to HBO, with the actor being most famous for playing Armond in The White Lotus season 1. Bartlett is a veteran of prestige TV, also appearing in shows like Welcome to Chippendales and Netflix’s Iron Fist. Murray Bartlett plays a recurring character in Physical on Apple TV+ and is an experienced TV actor who will surely continue showing off his talent by playing Frank in The Last of Us.

Having played gay characters like Armond in The White Lotus and now Frank in The Last of Us, it’s reasonable to wonder if Murray Bartlett is gay in real life. Murray Bartlett is gay, having come out publicly early on in his acting career. Murray Bartlett’s career first gained notoriety after playing one of his most well-known roles, a gay character named Dom in the TV series Looking. The series focuses on the complexities of gay relationships, meaning that Murray Bartlett’s sexuality has proudly been a part of his acting career since the very beginning.

Murray Bartlett being gay is a good thing for The Last of Us, as it ensures that a part of the LGBTQ+ community is able to represent their experience on the screen. This should ease concerns that might arise around HBO’s The Last of Us’ Bill casting, as the character is gay, but he is being played by a straight actor. Nick Offerman playing Bill is aided by Offerman’s vocal advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, but it is good to have LGBTQ+ representation played by actual LGBTQ+ actors, especially as it bears so much thematic importance to the story and themes of The Last of Us.

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New episodes of The Last of Us release Sundays on HBO.

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