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Why Kirby Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense As Ghostface In Scream 6

Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), the fan-favorite final girl of Scream 4, makes a lot of sense to be one of the Ghostface killers in Scream 6. Kirby was stabbed in Scream 4, and it wasn’t clear whether she survived. Then, she showed up in a blink-and-you’ll-miss Easter egg in 2022’s Scream. The directors for Scream 6 have confirmed that she survived and grew up to become an FBI agent, likely because of her experiences in Woodsboro. They also confirmed that Kirby is returning in Scream 6, but not how (or if) her job as an FBI agent is relevant.

The Scream franchise is well known for its meta-commentary on horror movies and their tropes. The movies generally subvert well-known horror conventions in interesting and comedic ways. They also connect through legacy characters, such as the final girls and relatives of past Ghostface killers. As officially confirmed in Scream 6‘s full trailer, Kirby can now be labeled as a final girl, and she will be investigating a new set of Ghostface killings alongside some other familiar faces.

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Kirby makes sense as Ghostface because she likely has significant trust issues after surviving the events of Scream 4. The trauma that she went through undoubtedly contributed to her decision to join law enforcement. It could also have influenced her in other, darker ways. After all, two of her friends were the Ghostface killers, and they killed everyone except her by the end of the movie. Then they, too, were killed in the film’s last act, making Kirby the final girl.

The most famous final girl in this franchise is, of course, Sidney Prescott. Sidney appeared in the first five Scream installments, and her friends were killed in the first three. It has been confirmed that Sidney isn’t in Scream 6, though. Sidney is the hero of the first five movies, which makes her absence from the latest one a significant change. An excellent way to subvert the final girl hero trope, and move on from Sidney, would be to make the newest final girl the killer. Since the victims and killers change every movie, the tropes, connections to previous films, and the Ghostface mask are the main ways the movies are connected.

It will be innovative for the Scream franchise if Kirby’s FBI career turns out to be a cover for her being a new Ghostface killer. After all, the franchise has never done that before. The killers are usually part of the friend group of the victims. All the Scream movies’ characters typically have connections to previous killers or victims. Having a killer be the lone survivor of an earlier group would be a unique twist on this Scream convention. Though the full Scream 6 trailer shows Kirby working alongside Gale Weathers and Sam’s group, it could all be part of her plan to get them to trust her.

There are several reasons Kirby could be Ghostface. Maybe she is going after this new group of kids because one is the daughter of the OG Ghostface mastermind, Billy Loomis. Kirby may think that if she gets rid of her and her friends, the whole thing will be over, and she can be at peace. The killers in 2022’s Scream also set up another Scream 6 motive that would work for Kirby: they wanted to continue the Stab franchise, Scream’s meta-horror series, and pass the torch to the next generation. Kirby being a new Ghostface, would achieve that. No matter who the new Ghostface is, though, the next installment in the franchise should be killer.

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