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Why Teen Wolf Movie 2 Should Happen According To Tyler Posey

WARNING: This article includes SPOILERS from Teen Wolf: The Movie.Teen Wolf: The Movie stars Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed discuss why sequels to the iconic MTV drama should happen. One of the most popular supernatural series made its comeback this week after having finished its run in 2017. Initially based on the 1985 comedy film, Teen Wolf: The Movie resurrected the eponymous series, which ended after six seasons. Taking place almost two decades after the Teen Wolf series finale, the movie explores the characters as adults and reveals what they are up to today. When a new evil rises and Allison Argent mysteriously re-emerges, it puts Scott McHall and his allies through one of the toughest challenges yet.

With the Teen Wolf reunion movie out on Paramount+, there is the question of if there may be more adventures to come. In many ways, Teen Wolf: The Movie was the series’ unofficial season 7, but just in a two-hour format. Screen Rant recently interviewed Scott and Allison themselves, Posey and Reed, about coming back for the project. With Allison now back in the world of the living, the actors were asked if they would be open to more Teen Wolf sequels if creator Jeff Davis had another idea. Both stars were more than interested in that as they would love to explore other chapters of Scott and Allison’s lives, stating the following:

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While Teen Wolf is probably never going to come back as a TV show, additional sequels could be the way to go for the franchise. Since the first film decided to do a major time jump, there are a lot of years that sequels could explore both in the present time, but also through flashbacks. Even though Teen Wolf: The Movie touched upon what had been going on over the years, there is more territory that can be explored in a sequel. Obviously, a follow-up story would also need to focus on the characters dealing with the loss of Derek.

Derek’s death was something that was processed toward the end of Teen Wolf: The Movie. However, that doesn’t mean grief and acceptance couldn’t be explored further in another movie, given the big role he had in their lives. Then there is obviously the character of Eli Hale, Derek’s son, who must now live without his father. Essentially, he can be the new “Teen Wolf” of the franchise, especially under Scott’s guidance as his Alpha. There is also the fact that Allison is alive again, which is definitely a process that she and her loved ones will need to get adjusted to.

As Posey and Reed pointed out, Teen Wolf sequels could tackle deeper themes now that the characters are adults. Since the franchise would live on Paramount+, there are probably other layers that they can explore there compared to when Teen Wolf was airing on MTV. Another major opportunity that Teen Wolf sequels could do is finally get Dylan O’Brien back as Stiles, who was sadly absent from the film. Time will tell if sequels will happen but for now, fans can enjoy Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+.

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