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Why The Challenge Fans Are Calling Out Johnny Bananas’ Podcast Again

The Challenge icon Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio is being called out, and it’s time to explain why. Johnny, a seven-time champion with the most wins in the show’s history, hosts a podcast via The Ringer Reality TV Podcast, under which a variety of unscripted shows are discussed. Johnny’s show Death, Taxes, and Bananas discusses the latest episodes of The Challenge, and gives listeners an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes. As Ride or Dies airs, new podcast episodes are being released, with a recently eliminated Challenger featured as a guest.

Typically, Johnny’s insights about the show are enjoyable, as he’s a credible source of information, given his experience after 21 seasons. He uses the podcast as a platform to discuss little-known facts about the series, even sharing that The Challenge edit leaves out drama. Although there is an official MTV Challenge podcast hosted by Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira, listeners get another perspective from Johnny. He may have more freedom to speak openly about behind-the-scenes events, without being supervised by MTV. Due to the lack of official MTV sponsorship, however, he occasionally lets things slip out, which can spoil episodes of the popular TV series.

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In a Reddit thread started by user u/CentralArtery, there was general disapproval over Johnny’s decision to reveal a spoiler for future episodes, and he was also criticized for his tendency to bring up history. While he has earned respect for winning seven The Challenge titles, the champion’s big personality can be divisive. Johnny’s The Challenge season 38 return was applauded by many, but he does have detractors. Whether he’s loved or hated, there is frustration due to the aforementioned Death, Taxes, and Bananas issues.

Recently eliminated Challenger Nelson Thomas was featured on the latest episode of Death, Taxes, and Bananas, where he accidentally revealed information about a future elimination. For some reason, the spoiler was kept in the final edit of the episode, which was surprising and frustrating. This kind of slip-up has happened before, causing one Redditor on the thread mentioned earlier to say, “I stopped listening to Bananas’ podcasts, I found this kept happening, giving away little spoilers here and there.” It’s better when Bananas and his guests discuss old Challenge drama, as the shift to discussions over future events can feature spoilers.

Another issue with Death, Taxes, and Bananas is Johnny’s tendency to derail the conversations by bringing up his personal history with other Challengers. One Redditor on the thread noted, “I had downloaded some for a road trip last year and every episode he’d find a way to bring up Sarah….thought that was weird.” The comment refers to Sarah Rice, his partner from The Challenge: Rivals III, whom he ended up stealing money from in the final. Rivals III aired in 2016, an entire ten seasons ago, so the beef between Johnny and Sarah isn’t relevant anymore, although he keeps bringing it up.

Johnny is easily one of the most famous The Challenge villains, and his experience makes him a great fit to host a podcast about the show. However, he sometimes allows spoilers to make it into final edits, and his penchant for bringing up bits of his own Challenge career can be irritating. Hopefully, future Death, Taxes, and Bananas episodes won’t spoil much more of Ride or Dies.

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Source: u/CentralArtery/Reddit

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