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Zachary Levi faces backlash over anti-vaxxer tweet

Zachary Levi has come under fire for posting a critical message about the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer on Twitter.

Here is everything you need to know.

Zachary Levi’s anti-vax tweet controversy explained 

Zachary Levi is currently in hot waters for sharing a seemingly anti-vax tweet online in the early hours of Sunday 28th January.

If you didn’t know, the term ‘anti-vax’ is an informal way of referring to individuals in general who disagree with vaccination.

In addition, the controversy began after businessman Lyndon Wood wrote a tweet on 17th January.

He said, ‘Do you agree or not, that Pfizer is a real danger to the world?’

Levi on the other hand went on to reply to Wood’s question.

He simply penned, ‘Hardcore agree.’

Fans slam Zachary Levi following supposedly anti-vaxxer remarks

Unsurprisingly, internet users were not impressed with Zachary Levi’s alleged anti-vax tweet. 

Many people took to their respective social media handles to call out the Chuck actor.

Moreover, a few users called Levi a PR nightmare and went on to show sympathy to the executives of Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, others claimed that they would not watch Shazam! 2 due to the seemingly controversial comment.

A user stated, ‘The nerve of Redditors to defend Zachary Levi’s obviously anti-vax beliefs in the guise of going against Big Pharma. This man follows Jordan Peterson.’

Another fan chimed in to say, ‘I loved the first Shazam but Zachary Levi being anti-vax seriously makes me not want to watch the sequel. Can’t these idiots just stay quiet during promotional periods lmao.’

Someone else added, ‘Give one reason why DC should continue with this character QUICKLY.’

A different user commented, ‘dc actors not doing something controversial challenge: impossible.’

Zachary Levi tries to clarify his controversial tweet

Zachary Levi took to his Twitter handle the following day in order to clarify the reason behind his alleged anti-vax tweet.

Additionally, he uploaded a September 2009 Department of Justice release about a healthcare fraud settlement that involved Pfizer.

He outlined the post with a caption that read, ‘Just one example of what I’m referring to…’

However, netizens were not happy with Levi’s response since his original tweet appears to claim that he is against corruption in big pharma companies. 

Furthermore, they went ahead to call the Tangled actor an ‘anti-vaxxer.’

Besides that, DC is continuing to promote the sequel of Shazam! despite the controversy. For the unversed, Levi features as the main lead in the movie.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is slated to drop on 17th March.


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