5 chilling details about Christina Morris’ murder

In August 2014, following a night out with companions, 23-year-old Stronghold Worth occupant Christina Morris bafflingly vanished. Afterward, CCTV film recognized the great suspect as her one-time colleague, Enrique Arochi. The two were seen strolling together and entering a parking area in the early morning, which was the last time Morris was seen alive.

Arochi was in this manner saw as at legitimate fault for hijacking after specialists found strong proof connecting him to the vanishing, and the examination to find Morris proceeded. Later in 2018, her skeletal remaining parts were situated by development laborers in a lush region in Anna, Texas.

Dateline: Mysteries Uncovered will jump back so as to reconsider Christina Morris’ missing individual case and ensuing homicide. The episode, named Mad, airs on January 31, 2023, at 9 pm ET. The summation of the episode says:

Morris, a Plano local who used to reside in Stronghold Worth, Texas, was back in her old neighborhood for the Work Day weekend at the hour of her vanishing. She purportedly went for a night out with companions and was most recently seen alive close to The Shops at Inheritance at 3.55 am on August 30, 2014. Not long later, she was accounted for missing, and her vehicle was found in a parking structure three days after the fact.

2) Morris’ then-sweetheart Tracker Encourage was the underlying suspect in her vanishing

Tracker Cultivate, Christina Morris’ then-sweetheart, was the main suspect specialists accepted was engaged with her vanishing. He at first opposed giving them admittance to his telephone and just gave it over in the wake of having erased a couple of messages. He was, notwithstanding, captured and sentenced on drug charges after he offered medications to a government specialist working covert on the night of August 29.

Cultivate then gave the names of two people he professed to have been out with the night Morris disappeared as a feature of his vindication data to the police. Specialists at last excused him as a suspect subsequent to looking through cell phone information, expressway records, and talking with witnesses.

3) Observation film drove specialists to Morris’ one-time associate Enrique Arochi

Specialists got reconnaissance film that showed Christina Morris and a man, later distinguished as her one-time colleague Enrique Arochi, strolling towards the parking structure at The Shops at Heritage in Plano at 3.55 am on the day the 23-year-old vanished. He was the last individual to have seen her alive.

Arochi’s 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was seen leaving the carport inside a couple of moments. In any case, the couple’s wireless information uncovered that they were together for an hour after the fact. Agents additionally tracked down Morris’ DNA on the mat in Arochi’s vehicle trunk. He was captured and accused of bothered grabbing.

4) Enrique Arochi was seen as at legitimate fault for the abducting charge around two years after the fact

In September 2016, Arochi’s case went to preliminary. Following 17 hours of consideration, a jury viewed him to be liable of exasperated grabbing in Christina Morris’ 2014 vanishing in light of proof given by examiners.

His protection attempted to dishonor the arraignment’s case, it was conditional and needed “proof of what, when, where, or how.” Enrique Arochi was condemned to life in jail, and the quest for Morris kept on guaranteeing that the proof.

5) In 2018, Christina Morris’ remaining parts were tracked down in a lush region in Anna, Texas

North of three years after her vanishing, Morris’ skeletal remaining parts were uncovered by development laborers in a lush region situated in Collin District in Anna, Texas. Specialists had previously led an exhaustive quest for Morris in that specific region where the bones were in the end found. They were in an Anna neighborhood where new homes were being built.

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