5 chilling details about Leigh Jennings’ murder

At the point when 67-year-old Jennings from Aurora, Indiana, was found killed in her condo, all doubts fell on the keep going individual she met on Walk 29, a companion named Charles “Steve” Stephenson. Jennings’ was cudgeled to death utilizing a pepper processor and an iron skillet.

Not long later, specialists utilized proof found at the crime location, DNA gathered from two deadly weapons, and telephone records to implicate Stephenson, who was accused of homicide and burglary in no time. After a year, he was viewed as at fault for two charges and condemned to life in jail.

An episode of ID’s Homicide in the Heartland will look at the instance of Leigh Jennings, who was viewed as pulsated to death at a horrifying crime location on April 5, 2012. The episode, named Dread Voyages Quick, will re-air on the channel at 7 pm ET this February 2, 2023.

Leigh Jennings murder case: Five speedy realities to be familiar with the killing with a pepper grinder1) Leigh Jennings was found dead seven days after she was really killed

Leigh Jennings met with her old mother, who lived in the loft nearby, on Walk 29, 2012. She drove her mom to the clinic prior to passing on to meet a companion named Charles “Steve” Stephenson for espresso at her place. Jennings even guaranteed her mom she would get her later. A couple of days after the fact, on April 5, she was found dead by neighbors inside her 107B Aspen Edge Street condo.

Leigh Jennings, who died of a cracked skull made by unpolished power injury her head, was tracked down on the floor. There was a lot of blood splatter in the kitchen and the lounge area. A pepper processor was found on the kitchen table, and a blood-shrouded iron skillet was tracked down holding tight the wall. Additionally, her blood was tracked down in her room safe, where she probably kept her cash.

3) DNA and other proof from the crime location assisted specialists with tracking down the executioner

Charles “Steve” Stephenson, the last individual to have met Leigh Jennings on the day she was killed, was blamed for homicide and burglary after his DNA, alongside the casualty’s blood, was found on the pepper processor and the iron skillet, the two deadly weapons which were utilized during the killing. Dad John’s pizza enclose was likewise found the crime location under both Stephenson’s and Jennings’ names.

Besides, telephone records showed that the two had been sending messages up until Walk 29, the day of the homicide, when they halted. A modest quantity of the casualty’s blood was found in the room safe where she kept her cash.

Specialists guaranteed that Stephenson attacked the casualty after she wouldn’t give him the cash he looked to take care of an obligation with his auntie, who was coming down on him to do as such. In the wake of loaning him a sizable measure of cash, Jennings declined to do so once more. He purportedly let police know that he was “frantic to get the cash” since he was past due on installments.

Since analysts additionally found blood in the casualty’s room safe, where she kept the cash, the arraignment guaranteed at Stephenson’s 2013 preliminary that his objective was to take cash from the casualty to take care of his obligation. They expressed that the safe was broken into and an “obscure” amount of cash was taken. Stephenson supposedly conveyed a $1,000 cash request the morning after the homicide.

5) Stephenson was found blameworthy in Jennings’ homicide about a year after the fact

In view of the confirmations introduced to the jury during Charles “Steve” Stephenson’s 2013 preliminary, he was seen as at legitimate fault for homicide and burglary in Leigh Jennings’ walk 2012 homicide. Despite the fact that he kept up with his blamelessness, Stephenson was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole.

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