Adele Meets Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at the Grammys

Dwayne Johnson, who is the subject of Adele’s melody “Somebody Like You,” has been on her list of must-dos for eternity.

Likewise, she has it today because of Trevor Noah and the 2023 Grammy Grants. Toward the start of the occasion on Sunday night, have Noah went up to Adele’s table and told her that in spite of the fact that he didn’t have somebody there named “Dwayne Johnson,” he had somebody named “The Stone.”

Adele was shocked and pleased when Johnson himself went up behind her seat and welcomed her with a tremendous grin and an embrace.

Johnson had welcomed Adele by giving her an embrace. Adele welcomes The Stone, The Stone meets Adele!

Noah said. “Okay, both of you acquaint yourselves with one another; we need to make all the difference for the show!”

Johnson, who is 50 years of age, was seen sitting down close to the 15-time Grammy champ, who is 34 years of age, as the camera zoomed away.

At the current year’s 64th yearly show, Adele is up for seven classes, including collection of the year, a classification in which Beyoncé is likewise up for a selection.

The last time the two of them contended in the class together was in 2017, when Adele won the honor for her collection 25, yet she is all the more notable for the commitment she provided for Beyoncé. In her acknowledgment discourse, she remarked, “I’m truly lowered and I’m extremely appreciative and pleasant, however the craftsman of my life is Beyoncé and this collection to me, the Lemonade collection, was simply so fantastic.”

Adele meeting The Stone at the #GRAMMYs. — Pop Desire (@PopCrave) February 6, 2023

Beyoncé, as far as it matters for her, has been named for nine honors, and as well as being considered for collection of the year, she is likewise up for probably the most sought after awards of the night, including a record of the year and melody of the year. The Field in Los Angeles is the area of the 2023 Grammy Grants, which will be communicated in real time on CBS and Paramount+ on Sunday night.

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