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Ark Survival Evolution: Where to find Obsidian

Obsidian can be a hard material to find in Ark Survival Evolved. Lucky for you though, you have this guide to help you harvest all the obsidian you want.

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There is no doubt that Obsidian can be found on every map in the Ark, even the massive new Fjordur map. However, there are various places around the island map that contain obsidian, but usually you will find an abundance of it in volcanic areas.

What is obsidian used for?

Although not rare, obsidian is not uncommon on the Ark. Because it’s so uncommon, it makes it a valuable resource.


  • Arthropluera saddle To ride Arthropluera you will need 35 obsidian to craft.
  • Archaeological pedestal base Used as a base to display an artifact that will need 80 obsidian to be crafted.
  • Camera You will need 150 obsidian to craft it to allow you to take pictures.
  • balls cannon Used to demolish strong structures, you will need 4 obsidian.
  • Paula series Used to entrap larger creatures you will need 2 obsidian.

Harvesting obsidian

Anklyosaurus character used to break obsidian in Ark Survival Evolved near a small stream of lava.

The best way you can harvest obsidian is with an Anklyosaurus. However, if you don’t have this dinosaur yet, you can use a metal pickaxe.

A metal pickaxe is usually used to harvest minerals from mountain rocks.

Where to find obsidian

The character in Ark Survival Evolved holds an island map showing the character's location with the island scene in the background.

As mentioned, this is an uncommon resource that is usually located around volcanic areas. However, there are many more areas to be found on the island in the Ark. You can harvest obsidian by breaking smooth black rocks from the following locations.

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Frozen tooth ramp

An Ark Survival Evolved character finds obsidian on the bedrock of a mountain in Frozen Tooth Slope.

The latitude and longitude coordinates of this spot are 35, 57. On the island map, the mountainous area will be below the upper mountain in the middle of the map. This will be over the small river that flows through the middle of the island.

Although this game is not free, it is constantly on sale. At a low price, you will have no problem grinding materials, especially obsidian. Obsidian will appear Small shiny black boulders scattered on the ground among other boulders at the base of the mountain.

the summit of the volcano

Your Ark Survival Evolved character finds obsidian on top of a volcano near some lava and various other rocks.

From Frozen Tooth Slope, you will head straight to the left on the map to the top of the volcano. There will be obsidian scattered all over the volcanic rocks and lava flowing streams. They will be inside the volcano as well as on the side of the volcanic mountain.

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Far East to the Far East

An Ark Survival Evolved character looking off the side of Fars Peak East mountain at various rocks including some scattered obsidian.

For the next location, you will return to the right of the map, after the first location, and to The next mountainous region is at the 34th and 82nd meridians. Along the side of the mountain, you will find obsidian scattered on the ground. Fortunately, finding obsidian is a little easier than finding item shards in the Ark Fjordur.

Whiskey Peak

A character in Ark Survival Evolved is looking out over Whitesky Peak with the base of the mountain covered in snow and trees.

You’ll find more about Whitesky Peak, at the top left of the map. The exact coordinates for this area are latitude and longitude 20 and 20. If you search in the wooded area below the mountain, you should be lucky and find a few pieces.

In this area, obsidian will be found under the trees.

You’ll want to pack warm clothes so the cold doesn’t affect your health.

Diverse areas

A piece of shiny black obsidian can be found in Ark Survival Evolved.

Other different places you could find obsidian would be Random caves are found all around the edge of the map.

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