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Best Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra cases in 2023

For the first time, Samsung’s updated laptop lineup has a newer, larger size: the 16-inch Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. This means that if you’re thinking of buying it, you’ll need to invest in a 16-inch laptop bag. After all, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is a bulky device, at 16.5mm thick and 3.9 pounds in weight, so it’ll be easier to drop.

Obviously, standard 13-inch and 15-inch laptop bags won’t fit your new laptop snugly given the dimensions contain the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra at 14 inches long, so we did a little digging and found nine of the best 16-inch laptop cases on the market. No matter your budget, these cases can help protect your new laptop from common damage like scratches and bumps, and still leave room for other things like laptops, documents, or chargers and cables. Some of our picks offer padded carrying handles or shoulder straps so you can separate your laptop from your bag or other equipment while traveling.

  • Nacuwa 360 16″ Laptop Sleeve

    Editor’s Pick

    Although designed for MacBooks, this 16-inch bag fits other laptops as well. It has a hard shell that can withstand any bumps or drops. It also has four pouches on the inside to organize your accessories.

  • Preview of Case_3_cropped-removebg
    One Life 16″ Laptop Bag

    The best value

    This is a basic 16 inch laptop sleeve. Easy to open with top loading access and two-way zippers. It is also waterproof and lightweight.

  • preview case_1_cropped-removebg
    MOSISO laptop bag

    most elegant

    Mosiso Cases provide essential protection from dust, scratches and scrapes. Unlike other cases on our list, it comes in many colors.

  • Preview of Case_4_cropped-removebg
    Kogzzen laptop sleeve

    Best for travel

    This 16-inch sleeve from Kogzzen has a unique carrying handle on the side of the case, rather than the top. It allows you to load your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra from the top, as well as slot documents and other items into the front zip pockets.

  • Preview of Case_5_cropped-removebg
    Lacdo 360 16 inch laptop shoulder bag

    best bag

    The Lacdo 16 Inch Laptop Bag features a great carrying handle as well as a shoulder strap. The front of the case also has pockets to hold your favorite accessories. Best of all, it’s lined for extra protection.

  • Preview of Case_6_cropped-removebg
    V Voova laptop sleeve

    Best for accessories

    Besides the main bag for your laptop, the V Voova Laptop Bag features two zip pockets on the front, making it a good way to store your favorite accessories as well as your new laptop.

We hope you found the case that fits your Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. If you want the best case, we suggest you choose Nacuwa 16 inch laptop sleeve. It has a hard cover and plenty of pouches inside for storing accessories and documents. For something more traditional and minimalist, we suggest the One Life 16-inch Laptop Bag since it’s more affordable and still has padded corners and is water-resistant. Of course, the other options are also great for padded zippers and carry handles. You may also want to consider a laptop backpack.

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is now available for pre-order in the US and is set to launch on February 17th. It sits alongside other Galaxy Book devices in Samsung’s lineup, including the Galaxy Book 3 Pro (14- and 16-inch) and the Galaxy Book Pro 360 (16-inch).

Angled view of the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra to the right
Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra

Powered by 13th Gen Intel Core H-series processors and Nvidia RTX graphics, Galaxy Book 3 Ultra delivers the most power out of the entire Galaxy Book range.

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