Big Eyes Coin’s 200% Presale Boost Shows Massive Potential in The Face of New Developments for Altcoins Hedera and Aave

As January comes to a close, we can look at it overall and see that Crypto has had a great start to the year. If this is a sign of things to come, it’s about to get very exciting. Big Eyes Coin is already making a name for itself before its release, proving to be the biggest presale the market has seen in recent years. Meanwhile, both Hedara and Aave have released new updates to much acclaim, which has been reflected in their market growth.

Big Eyes Coin May Soon Result in Big Pockets

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently in stage 10 of its presale, but it’s selling out fast. Over $20.9 million has been raised at this point, which is a very impressive feat, especially for a new meme coin launching into an oversaturated niche already past its peak. The cartoon cat-themed coin has many aspects going for it; it’s no wonder it’s receiving so much support.

Aside from the fun things for buyers to enjoy outlined in the 4-stage plan of action, such as the Merch Shop and IRL NFT event, Big Eyes tokenomics appear to be promising. Upon launch, 80% of the overall supply will be distributed, with 10% of that being split between a marketing wallet and a charity wallet. That leaves a whole 70% of what they’re currently selling, with no buy/sell tax added on. The 5% that is being held for charity will be used specifically for the preservation of the oceans, which doubles as a relevant joke (keeping the fish alive for the cat to eat) and as a respectable act as the health of the ocean is an important topic at the moment. The community Big Eyes has cultivated the belief that they will deliver on these promises, so if the coin keeps the momentum that it currently has, it’ll be a force to be reckoned with when released.

Hedera and Aave’s Upgrade Domination

Both of these altcoins have released community updates recently that are making waves. Both sit close to each other within the Top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap, at 38 and 32, respectively. Being coins that are already decently high in the hierarchy, the news of their latest success could mean a lot for their future positions.

Towards the end of 2022, Hedara’s update resulted in a significant surge, with a spike of 123% in transfer volume and a spike of 70% in transaction count; coming together as an overall 75% rise in the space of 30 days. Though it had a dip after that, it remained significantly higher than where it initially sat. Aside from the latest update, a new governing council member was announced within the Hedara Network which is made up of 39 organisations including Google. Meanwhile, Aave launched its V3 update last week, which quickly proved to be a success. Already having the community backing it and anticipating its release, the update to Aave’s system that optimises Ethereum’s DeFi platform and offers loans while helping lower gas fees, brought Aave’s value up by 20%. The intention of lowering petrol prices by 25% is a popular one, especially during the current cost of living crisis, which could explain why it has seen so much success so soon.

All three of these unique coins have their claims to fame and have each been successful in their own right, which they are projected to continue being. Especially Big Eyes, which is expected to have a phenomenal debut. For the next 48 hours, Big Eyes has a 200% bonus on purchases when the code  LAUNCHBIGEYES200 is applied. This will be the last code offered in the presale and is a great deal, so it shouldn’t be missed out on if you want to benefit from it once the coin launches.

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