Canada: Parents furious over transgender woman who exposed male genitalia to little girls at pool

How far does our decrepit society intend to go in violating the rights of women and girls in pursuit of an aggressive woke agenda?

Are parents expected to go home and explain to a little girl that what she saw in the change-room was a woman, if the child inquires as to why a man was naked in the girls’ changing room? The woke apparently expect just that.

Then there is the question of why would this trans individual would even want to expose his male genitals in front of little girls. It certainly appears as if we’re dealing with a pervert.

Similarly, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, parents were outraged over a “naked man” in the girls changing room. City councillor David Kirton replied to their concerns that  “our society is changing” and that “gender identity is a protected right under the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code……The City must follow the Code in implementing our policy [and] … accommodate transgender members of our community.”

Over in British Columbia, “a trans-identified male” in a female changing room at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre was (allegedly) “peeking at young girls in stalls.”

Kids are no longer safe.

“Parent furious transgendered men allowed into girls’ changing room at Calgary pools,” by Arthur C. Green, Western Standard, February 6, 2023:

A parent is outraged in Calgary that a naked man was hanging out in the little girls changing room at Canyon Meadows Pool.

“My kids are taking swimming lessons at the Canyon Meadows pool in Calgary all this week,” the concerned parent said.

“I was waiting with my son outside in the lobby for my daughter, when a parent came out to let me know that a transgender woman was changing in the women’s change room while my daughter and some other girls were changing after swimming lessons.”

The concerned parent went into the changing room to inspect and found the transgender woman naked just finishing up with the washroom.

“He had his penis hanging out around little girls. I confronted the pool about this to let them know that I was uncomfortable with a man using the change room and walking around with his penis hanging out with my daughter in there,” the concerned parent said.

“I was then told I could phone the manager but they are protected under the humans right (act). The lifeguard at this time kept asking if he was just changing or if he was staring. What the f*ck difference does that make, he was walking around 12-year-old girls with his penis hanging out.”

The concerned parent said he wasn’t the only one at the pool who had questions but he was the only one willing to speak up at the time the incident occurred. He had questions for the lifeguard on duty.

“I asked her if she had any kids and she said yes a 7-year-old daughter, I asked if she would be ok with this man using the same changing room as her daughter and she couldn’t answer that question, just kept telling me he’s protected under the human rights (act),” the concerned parent said.

“Calgary Recreation is committed to providing recreation opportunities for all Calgarians,” the City of Calgary stated in a response to the concerned parent.

“In order to meet the needs of all Calgarians and to be compliant with provincial Human Rights legislation, customers will have the use of the washroom and change room facilities congruent with their gender identity.”

Standard Operating Procedures for the pool include:

• Customers have the right to access the washroom or change room area that best corresponds with their gender identity or gender expression, regardless of their sex assigned at birth.

• If any individual is not comfortable in the gender-specific change room, they may access a private space if one is available or speak to the front counter staff about other suitable alternatives.

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