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Chainsaw Man Recreates Makima's Best Moment With One Big Twist

Warning! Contains Spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 118!

The second part of Chainsaw Man has done a great job of building upon and paralleling many great moments from its first part, and in its next chapter it will be doing this with Makima’s best moment as well. While Makima’s presence can still be felt throughout Part 2, especially in her lasting impact on Denji’s character, her death and reincarnation as Nayuta has largely taken her out of the action in Part 2. But mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto has finally found the perfect way to reintroduce the Control Devil into the story naturally.

In Chapter 118, Denji invites Asa to watch a movie marathon with him at a local theater, very reminiscent of his and Makima’s iconic movie date from Part 1. However, Asa responds by saying that sounds a bit too expensive (which is ironic given Denji’s new dream in Chainsaw Man). She convinces him instead to rent videotapes and host a movie marathon at his house. This means that Nayuta will likely join them in watching movies on their date, making it even more of a direct parallel. The most important part of their date in Part 1 was Denji seeing Makima actually show genuine emotion at an unexpected scene. It is unclear whether Nayuta’s more childlike state will make her more emotional as well, but Fujimoto is sure to show her reactions to the movies that Denji and Asa watch, making this upcoming date an important barometer for how much the Control Devil has changed.

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One of the biggest questions at the end of Part 1 was whether Denji raising Nayuta would change the nature of the Control Devil. Makima was an incredibly manipulative and twisted villain in Chainsaw Man, but as Pochita said, part of the reason she was that way was that there was no one who she viewed as being her equal. Having a familial relationship with her would hopefully help with this, but Nayuta’s lack of page time in Part 2 so far has deprived readers of the chance to see whether it actually does or not. Next chapter will hopefully change this.

Given how iconic the paneling of Makima’s tear-streaked face in her and Denji’s movie date is, it would be unsurprising if Fujimoto frames Nayuta similarly. This would serve to increase the parallels between Chainsaw Man’s first and second parts even further, deepening an already rich story. Fujimoto can even twist this moment further by potentially having Asa react with shock at Nayuta’s lack of emotion, as opposed to Denji reacting to her sudden tears. It would appear strange after all for a child like Nayuta to not show emotion like a typical kid would.

There are so many ways that Fujimoto can execute the twist on Makima’s movie date that it makes the next chapter of Chainsaw Man easily one of the most exciting chapters in Part 2 yet. That is saying something given how awesome this part has been so far. However, if Chainsaw Man can make this twist on Makima’s best moment as iconic as the original, then its next chapter will easily live up to that expectation.

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 is available to read from Viz Media.

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