Dateline: Secrets Uncovered: What occurred to Pegye Bechler?

In July 1997, Pegye Jann Bechler was killed beneath baffling circumstances whereas she was at an ocean side in Southern California, praising her thirty eighth birthday celebration and her fifth wedding ceremony commemoration.

Despite the reality that the homicide was organized as a mishap, it was subsequently found that Pegye’s important completely different, Eric Bechler, was the individual behind the wrongdoing. He plotted her homicide to get his fingers on a $2 million life safety method. 90 days after his greater half’s passing, he moved in collectively along with his sweetheart, Tina New.

Pegye’s physique was hardly recuperated, however Eric later admitted that he had overwhelmed her with two dumbells and afterward tossed her into the ocean.

The chilling homicide story shall be itemized in Oxygen’s exact wrongdoing sequence Dateline: Mysteries Uncovered, deliberate to air on February 1. The authority summation for the episode peruses:

“A California couple’s heartfelt escape on a boat turns terrible when the youthful spouse and mother is adrift out in the ocean; the case goes cold for quite a long time until a model with a checkered past goes secret to track down reality.”
Trigger admonition: This article accommodates notices of homicide. Attentiveness is impressed.

Bechler was born in New Mexico to Glenn and June Marshall. She was their fourth teen and was likewise a toddler shock. Despite the reality that she was determined to have scoliosis early in life, she succeeded in swimming and grow to be a specialist swimmer. She was good at utterly completely different video video games too.

As a teen, she would need to placed on a once more help all the time to assist herself with scoliosis.

In 1991, whereas going to a volleyball match-up collectively together with her companion, Pegye met Eric Bechler and the two hit off right away.

Pegye moved to California inside the wake of ending her tutoring and went into enterprise in prepare based recuperation – one factor she checked out, attributable to her involvement in scoliosis.

She wedded Eric a 12 months subsequent to meeting him. The couple had three youngsters collectively.

Eric had at first organized the passing of Pegye as a mishap. He let police know that Pegye dropped out of a speedboat when a rebel wave hit every of them.

The companion expressed that the two of them fell contained within the water and after he found learn the way to swim once more to someplace protected, he understood that Pegye was no place to be seen.

Despite the reality that Eric’s variant of the story was clear as a useful stone, specialists smelled unfairness, as they didn’t truly accept that that Pegye might have fallen into the water from the boat inside the technique that Eric had depicted. In any case, due to absence of any sturdy proof, they couldn’t nail down Eric as a result of the perpetrator.

Eric met Tina a couple of months after he killed Pegye. The brokers detected that Tina might very effectively be of help within the examination. They inquired as as to whether or not she knew one thing.

It was correct now that she admitted that Eric portrayed his entire affiliation to her, saying that he was the one which killed his greater half. Eric admitted that it was all important for his affiliation to lease a ship and put her to mattress whereas the boat was away from the shore. He likewise confessed to hitting his important completely different with two free weights, stuffing her inside a sack, and tossing her inside the ocean.

In February 2001, Eric was indicted for first-degree murder relating to Pegye Bechler’s homicide and was condemned to life detainment with no chance of parole.

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