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Dead Space Remake's New Ending Explained (In Detail)

The Dead Space remake not only brought the game to modern consoles, it also added a shocking new alternate ending. Players who previously played the original have a new ending to experience that drastically alters the direction of the original game. There’s a lot to unpack regarding the Dead Space remake’s secret ending, but it’s sure to leave an impact on those who manage to find it.

Dead Space first came out in 2008, and quickly became notable as one of the more distinctive horror games of the day. Not only was it memorable for its spaceship setting, but its combat was based on dismembering enemies with precision shots rather than just headshots, and Dead Space‘s remake preserves this most imprtant feature. Befitting the game’s scary atmosphere, the original ending isn’t a happy one. Protagonist Isaac Clarke survives, but he fails to save anyone else, including his beloved girlfriend, Nicole. Isaac didn’t even really defeat the Necromorphs, since they returned in two more games, and his story is a tragic one in both the original and the remake.

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When the player completes the Dead Space remake under most circumstances, they will see the original ending. In order to get the Dead Space remake’s secret ending, the player will need to fulfill a number of conditions first. It will require a lot of care on the player’s part, especially since Dead Space is already a tough game, particularly for those without excellent aim. However, as reported by GamesRadar, YouTube user Stevivor shows that the secret ending can be uncovered by those familiar with the steps involved.

Despite surviving the gory story of Dead Space, the secret ending cannot be earned on the player’s first playthrough, so they are guaranteed to see the game’s ambiguous original ending once, with Isaac encountering his last hallucination of his deceased girlfriend Nicole. Upon beating the game, the player can start New Game Plus mode, carrying over their items and credits from the completed file. In addition, New Game Plus will give the player a new task in finding the Marker Fragments.

Marker Fragments are a new collectible added in the Dead Space remake, and they are pieces of one of the mysterious Markers that are associated with the Necromorphs aboard the USS Ishimura. There are 12 Marker Fragments scattered around the ship for the player to collect, and once all of them have been gathered, the player must take them to a shrine in the captain’s quarters in a drastic change to the Dead Space remake. Once this task has been completed, the player will hear an ominous message, and upon completing the game, will be rewarded with the secret ending.

The process of finding the secret ending in the Dead Space remake is worth an achievement in its own right. It seems fitting that it requires the player to interact with a newly-added aspect of the game in order to unlock it in the first place, and it’s a testament to how much work was put into refurbishing the classic game, adding new challenges for players familiar with the original Dead Space.

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Dead Space‘s original ending is already pretty creepy, with Isaac being attacked by his last vision of Nicole while escaping the Ishimura before the screen abruptly cuts to the credits. In fact, the only assurance the player has that Isaac survived the ending is the fact that there are two more games in the terrifying yet beloved Dead Space franchise. The new, alternate ending in the remake is less ambiguous, but much scarier.

In the Dead Space remake’s secret ending, Isaac seems relaxed during his escape from the Ishimura and happily has a conversation with Nicole, who both he and the player know is dead. He confides in her that he’s ready to go home, but he intends to build something first. The camera then pans to the floor behind him, revealing his discarded helmet as well as what appears to be blueprints for a new marker. Although Isaac survived the Ishimura, he was corrupted by the Markers, and now intends to spread them and the Necromorphs beyond the doomed ship. Notably, if the Dead Space remake kept Isaac a silent protagonist, the alternate ending may have been less impactful without the delusional conversation with Nicole.

Although Isaac ended the first game in a bad spot, the secret ending of the remake turns out even worse for him. Although he is no longer reeling from the loss of his girlfriend, he has lost himself to the will of the Markers, and is now likely to bring a lot of suffering with him. This version of Isaac Clarke falls harder than his original incarnation did, and it has terrifying implications for this version of the Dead Space universe.

The Dead Space remake has garnered acclaim, and has managed to breathe new life into a franchise that has sat dormant for nearly a decade. It’s possible that the series may get a fresh start and be able to continue following this triumphant return. However, while the original sequels could still be remade, Dead Space‘s secret ending teases a sequel that could change the course of the series.

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The secret ending could branch off into a new sequel, following what happens in the aftermath of Isaac’s actions in the new timeline. With Necromorphs running wild similar to the original Dead Space 2, the situation would be even more dire without the experience of Isaac, unless he manages to shake the Markers’ influence. Without Isaac, the best option for the job would likely be Dead Space 2 deuteragonist Ellie. Since she was one of the series’ most important characters aside from Isaac himself, a new timeline may be her chance to become the hero.

It’s possible that the Dead Space remake’s secret ending may continue to be nothing more than a mere Easter egg for determined players. However, if the remake proves successful enough, there is an opportunity to spin it off into something new. EA said that Dead Space‘s remake would improve the original story, and the secret ending could be a part of a new, improved version of the plot.

The new secret ending in Dead Space is one of the most interesting additions to come from the remake. It gives players a frightening new look at how Isaac’s experiences could change him, and manages to offer a more chilling finale than the jump scare ending of the original. Even if it doesn’t amount to anything but an Easter egg, the Dead Space remake’s secret ending will be hard to forget.

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