Did Lanny Poffo have a spouse? Wrestler survived by Sally and daughter Megan

WWE’s “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan broke the news of Lanny Poffo’s death via an Instagram post Thursday afternoon – he’s survived by his former partner Sally and their daughter Megan.

Wrestling Inc offers that no cause for lack of life has however been made public.

Poffo moreover glided by “Leaping Lanny” and “The Genius,” and was 68 years outdated when he died. 

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Lanny Poffo was married to partner Sally from 1985 to 1996

Yes, Lanny Poffo had a partner – they have been married for between 10 and 11 years, from 1985 until January 1996.

Sally’s maiden determine is Baker. According to public data, she’s from Lexington, Kentucky – or lives there now – and has lived in Frankfort, moreover in Kentucky, and Sarasota, Largo and Crystal River, in Florida.

While they have been married, Lanny Poffo and his partner Sally had one child, a daughter by the determine of Megan. She, in flip, has given her dad and mother grandchildren. 

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What can we discover out about Lanny Poffo’s daughter Megan, and the rest of his family?

In summer time season closing 12 months, Slam Wrestling republished elements of an interview it had carried out with Poffo in 2010, all through which he spoke about what family means to him.

During it, he talked about how his daughter had requested him what her children – his grandchildren – ought to call him.  

“Do you want to be Zaidy,” she requested. Or do it is advisable be Nono?”

“Zaidy” is a mannequin of “Zeda,” a Yiddish phrase for grandfather. “Nono,” moreover spelled “Nonno,” moreover means grandfather, nonetheless in Italian. Also Cimbrian, Friulian, Istriot, Ladino, Mòcheno, Portuguese and Venetian. In totally different phrases, did Poffo want the determine his grandchildren referred to as him to seek the advice of together with his Italian heritage or his Jewish heritage? 

“If I’m Zaidy, he reportedly said, “I think of Harry Sverdlin, and if I think of Nono, I think of Silvio Poffo… so I said, I want to be ‘abuelo,’ which is Spanish for grandfather.”

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His father was an Italian American Catholic whereas his mother was Jewish-American

Angelo Poffo, whom Slam Wrestling calls “the very Catholic-Italian,” married “the girl of his dreams,” Judy Sverdlin, in 1952. They met in school in Chicago.

They had their first son Randall Mario, who later turned “Macho Man” Randy Savage, in 1952. He handed away in 2011 on the age of 58.

Lanny entered the expert wrestling ring in 1973 and made his formal debut a 12 months later. He was barely 20 years outdated. In 2019, at an event in Canada, he spoke with delight of his Jewish heritage. His Zaidy, he acknowledged, “came from Lithuania in 1918, and entered World War I. That’s how he earned his citizenship.”

“My Bubbie,” he continued, “was from Belarus. … Harry Sverdlin and Rebecca Swett.”

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