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Don’t buy the Galaxy S23 just yet – this could be Samsung’s best deal

Don’t pull the trigger on the Galaxy S23 just yet. We know Samsung’s latest phone is likely to be tempting if you’re looking for an upgrade, but know that the Galaxy S22 just got a price drop along with the new announcement.

You can buy the Galaxy S22 with 128GB of storage for $699 from the Samsung Store (Opens in a new tab), $100 off its launch price and $100 less than what you’d pay for pre-ordering the Galaxy S23. You can get more money by bartering too.

This is a permanent discount similar to how you can buy an iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 at a reduced cost, despite Apple’s move to the iPhone 14 series. It’s a pity that this offer only applies to the basic Galaxy S22, not the larger Galaxy S22 Plus or the fully featured Galaxy S22 Ultra.

When we wrote our Galaxy S22 review last year, we praised the phone’s overhauled camera system, powerful chipset, vivid display, and relatively cheap starting price, which earned it a spot on our site. The best phones Categories. Since the Galaxy S23 has only a few upgrades compared to the Galaxy S22, you get almost the same phone but for a much lower price.

You’ll have to ask yourself if a more powerful chipset, slightly larger battery, larger 50MP main camera, new selfie camera, new design, higher maximum screen brightness, and an extra year of software updates are worth the extra $100 dollars. They’re all nice things on a phone, sure, but none of these have to be compared to the already high-quality specs of the Galaxy S22.

However, Samsung is currently offering free storage upgrades to Galaxy S23 customers who pre-order, which means you can get 256GB for the price of the base 128GB model. If you’re the type of person with pages and pages of apps and way too many photos to count, this might point you towards the S23 if you’re ready to buy a phone within the next week or two.

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about with Samsung’s new phones, take a look at our Galaxy S23 hands-on and our Galaxy S23 Ultra review in progress to learn more.

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