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Global Startup Awards Africa is searching for leading tech innovators 

Global Startup Awards Africa is searching for the continent’s top innovators with SDG-aligned solutions that aim to industrialise, integrate, and improve the standard of living for the people of the continent. 

The network gives participants the chance to network with potential mentors, partners, and clients as well as gain access to the most recent market trends.  

 African innovators are invited to join this global network of leaders to gain access to new markets and funding.  

The search for solutions in various categories is currently underway across the continent, with a focus on financial inclusion, health technology, agrotechnology, fintech, renewable energy, sustainability, and women in technology. 

As GSA Africa works with local innovation ecosystem players in each region, it will earmark those innovation leaders with tech-based startups solving the biggest problems facing Africa and the world such as global warming and climate change. 

General Criteria 

  • The startup must have been founded not more than five years ago (except for the Best Newcomer category and the Best Venture Capitalist category).  
  • The startup needs to have a minimum viable product (MVP) and/or service in the market.  
  • The startup needs to be generating monthly recurring revenue.  
  • The startup needs to have a team of at least two people.  
  • The startup must be led by Africans, which means that at least one member of the founding team must be an African citizen who currently resides in the continent. All applications and decks/pitches must be submitted in English.

Category of Awards 

  • Startup of the Year 
  • Newcomer 
  • Founder of the year 
  • Venture Capitalist of the year 
  • Best Accelerator / Incubator program 
  • Mobility/ Logistics 
  • Best coworking space 
  • Agritech 
  • Edtech 
  • Ecosystem Hero of the Year 
  • Commerce Tech 
  • Best Greenwich startup 
  • Best Healthtech startup 
  • Diversity role model of the year 
  • Best Web 3.0 startup 

Benefits to startups 

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in cross-border collaboration, and access global networks and funding opportunities. 

The competition process also brings together local ambassadors, country partners, national jury members, international jury members as well as key advisors to discover winners in all aspects of the startup ecosystem. 

The African Startup Awards connects the best of African tech startups across the continent to a global network of leading investors and innovation ecosystems.  

The African Startup Awards will offer startups access to: 

  • New markets 
  • Funding opportunities 
  • A global network of leaders 
  • Exposure on a global stage 

 Supporting Partner 

GSA is supported by the Global Innovation Initiative Group (GIIG), which is the exclusive rights holder for GSA Africa. 

GIIG is the brainchild of a South African-based innovation engagement agency and leading aggregator of the African innovation ecosystem, Loudhailer; and Amma Group, a fund formation partner with a proven track record within a unique alternative asset class, namely fancy coloured diamonds. 

GIIG Africa has the largest network-building infrastructure, consisting of mission-aligned African innovation stakeholders, who work to accelerate the co-creation of future markets and world-changing solutions. 

Applicants from Nigeria can apply here before the March 31st, 2023 deadline. 

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