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HEB William Cannon Austin TX: Travis County Sheriff Warns People Not to Go Buy Dumped Groceries Labeled as ‘Free Food’

Austin, Texas (KTRK) – What was seen as an opportunity for about 250 littermates during a winter storm in Austin turns out to be more of a risk to their health than anything else, according to a policeman.

Photos posted to Travis Constable George Morales III’s Facebook page on Thursday show baskets full of food outside the HEB store that people think is free and good to eat. It wasn’t safe, Morales warned.

The video above is ABC13 Houston’s Streaming 24/7.

“This is not free food! We had over 250 people fighting in the dumpsters because someone posted ‘Free food!’ “The food is rancid, rotten, and unsafe to eat,” Morales wrote.

He added that his deputies and Austin police officers have been called to deal with the traffic jam around the grocery store in the south end of town.

Video captured by KEYE-TV It shows a dumpster dive unfolding, with people on top of containers and others waiting on the floor with shopping carts.

A Texas news station has obtained video showing a crowd of dumpster divers converging on discarded food behind a HEB grocery store on February 2, 2023.

KEYE-TV Austin

So why was there so much food out in the open?

According to HEB, the winter storm that much of Texas is dealing with could be the cause. The company wrote in a statement to KEYE:

“Due to constant power outages, the store was unable to keep some perishable foods at proper temperatures. To adhere to strict food quality and safety standards, we are required to throw out certain perishable foods when their temperature is not properly controlled, which also prevents us from Donate items to food pantries and food banks HEB is a major donor to food banks in Texas and donates more than 34 million pounds of food each year to support people in need in Texas.”

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