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Hogwarts Legacy Can Steal Goblet Of Fire’s Magic Trick

Hogwarts Legacy will be full of surprises for students to discover, but one particular magic trick from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire could really spice things up. Its unique properties have inspired other games to incorporate similar features, so the upcoming RPG definitely wouldn’t be the first to use it. Nevertheless, it could make for some unexpected and memorable surprises in Hogwarts Legacy, both for new and existing fans of the Harry Potter series.

The open world title will provide students with ample opportunity to explore every crevice of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although it’s a prequel to the main series, taking place approximately 100 years before Harry Potter himself attended the school, players will receive an experience that’s quite similar to that of the books and the movies, being able to visit some of Hogwarts’ most iconic locations in Hogwarts Legacy. But this particular twist, derived from said books and movies, could be translated to the game in an amusing fashion.

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First appearing in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, portkeys would be an entertaining feature for Hogwarts Legacy to include. These magical items, which are usually disguised as common objects, have the power to immediately teleport a witch or a wizard to a specific location. Portkeys can be enchanted to bring someone back to their original location by touching the object again, or they can mischievously be placed on a timer to avoid an instantaneous return. This is not dissimilar from Elden Ring‘s trap chests, which have whisked unaware players away to dangerous locations as early as Limgrave, revealing Elden Ring secrets.

Portkeys could play two different roles in Hogwarts Legacy, but their most obvious use would be to catch players off-guard. While they’re under a false illusion of safety, looting a chest – or perhaps, in the true nature of portkeys, simply touching a random object – it could suddenly teleport them to a dungeon full of Dark Wizards or other formidable foes to give them an unexpected and unavoidable challenge. Conversely, they could be used as means of intentional transportation. With Floo Flumes already all over Hogwarts, it definitely wouldn’t be the most common way of getting around, but they could possibly work as the occasional get-out-of-jail-free card, instead.

From what’s been revealed in trailers and gameplay showcases so far, it’s clear that the game has drawn much inspiration from the original Harry Potter series. For example, Hogwarts Legacy‘s common rooms are each unique, yet faithful to their book and film counterparts. Hopefully, this same philosophy is applied to portkeys in Hogwarts Legacy as regardless of whether they’re used for good or bad, they’d make for a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

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