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Hogwarts Legacy: How Many Staircases Does Hogwarts Have?

There are few objects in Harry Potter that function as they would in the human world – and stairs in Hogwarts Legacy are certainly not one of them. Just like in the books and movies, the game will feature moving staircases that can assume different configurations. This will undoubtedly contribute to the whimsical qualities of the wizarding school, and make navigation a more unique experience. But Hogwarts is massive, and Hogwarts Legacy aims to recreate that scale, so part of that will be in the number of moving staircases that canonically exist in Harry Potter.

Another fantastical Harry Potter feature that players will be able to experience is living portraits. Hogwarts is chock-full of these talking paintings – especially in the Grand Staircase – and so it looks like they’ll be an integral part of gameplay, at least in reaching the Gryffindor common room in Hogwarts Legacy. But moving staircases will undoubtedly be something players will have to look out for as they navigate the school, lest they wish to get lost or be late for class.

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According to Harry Potter canon, there are 142 staircases in Hogwarts. No two staircases are exactly alike: each has a mind of its own, creating different movement schedules and sometimes even pulling pranks on students as they’re walking. The Grand Staircase is a massive atrium that contains a great number of these staircases, leading all the way up to the school’s seventh story. In the majority of the Harry Potter films, they are shown to be in constant motion, with students having to properly time their ascent in order to make it to where they need to be. This doesn’t seem to be the case in Harry Potter books, though.

Although the Grand Staircase will be an iconic location to visit in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s unknown exactly how many individual sets of stairs will lie therein. When assuming the perspective of the developer, it would be admittedly difficult to implement Hogwarts’ canonical 142 moving staircases into the game. But with this Tweet from @Hogwarts Legacy clearly depicting the Grand Staircase, it’s at least confirmed that players will encounter some number of these magical steps during their playthroughs. It will probably take the late fifth-year main character some getting used to, which is sure to be an amusing process.

With the game slated to launch on February 10 for PC and next-gen console players, these particular users won’t have to wait much longer to play. For current-gen and Nintendo Switch consoles, Hogwarts Legacy‘s release date will look a bit different. But in due time, fans on all platforms will get to experience Hogwarts Legacy for themselves – and see just how close the digital recreation comes to Hogwarts’ 142 total staircases.

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Source: Hogwarts Legacy/Twitter

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