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How Blood Origin’s Fjall & Éile's Connect To The Witcher’s Ciri

The Witcher: Blood Origin’s Fjall and Éile, two of the show’s most important characters, are connected to The Witcher’s Ciri. While The Witcher: Blood Origin follows seven main characters as they come together to fight the rising evils of a pre-Conjunction of the Spheres Continent, two characters were more heavily tied to future Witcher lore – Fjall and Éile. While Fjall’s link to Geralt of Rivia is more direct as Fjall became the first successful Witcher, it is Ciri who makes Éile and Fjall’s Blood Origin story even more important for The Witcher season 3.

The Witcher: Blood Origin shows the events that led to the Conjunction of the Spheres, in which different realms were briefly combined and beings from different universes were brought into the Continent. In the Witcher lore, it is established that the Elder Blood lineage began as the Elves tried to protect themselves from these new creatures, including the humans, by experimenting with DNA. As revealed in The Witcher reveals, it doesn’t work as humans eventually take over. Although Blood Origin does not exactly change that, it reveals a larger backstory to Ciri’s Elder Blood linking the Princess of Cintra to Éile and Fjall.

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Ciri has been almost a MacGuffin in the first two The Witcher seasons, and that is because Ciri’s powers make her a target for all sorts of forces of the Continent. As the last known person who carries the Elder Blood, Ciri holds a gift that can change the power scale in the Continent and is the key to understanding The Witcher’s multiverse. The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals how that lineage that became known as the Elder Blood came to be. Éile was pregnant by the end of Blood Origin – her and Fjall’s child will be the beginning of the Elder Blood lineage that will eventually lead to Ciri.

With Fjall being the father of Éile’s child, The Witcher: Blood Origin sort of connected Geralt and Ciri. A process similar to the one that created the first Witcher, Fjall, will eventually be used in Geralt of Rivia whereas that “monster lineage” has been passed down from generation to generation and is now part of Ciri’s DNA. Fjall and Éile as the beginning of the Elder Blood lineage is a The Witcher lore change made by Blood Origin, as both characters were created for the spinoff series. In the Witcher novels, the furthest back Ciri’s bloodline can be traced is to Lara Dorren, who appeared in The Witcher season 2.

Despite being a The Witcher prequel that promised to reveal who was the first Witcher, Blood Origin’s biggest additions to The Witcher’s lore are the ones regarding Ciri. After introducing two characters that will surely be crucial to Ciri’s journey in The Witcher season 3, Eredin and Avallac’h, Blood Origin made sure to point out that it all will eventually lead to Ciri. In The Witcher: Blood Origin’s post-credits scene, Avallac’h watches Ciri playing with friends in a scene that takes place before The Witcher season 1. Avallac’h needs Ciri’s help, although he must go further into the future to meet a more trained Ciri who knows of her importance.

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