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How to survive the plains

The Valheim plains are notorious for killing unwary players. From flying enemies that can shoot you at once almost without a sound, to wandering bands of warriors who seem to track you wherever you go, the plains are not for the faint of heart.

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If you are planning to trek through these rolling hills, you better be prepared or be prepared to pay the price. Fortunately, with a little forethought, you can master this biome and get an answer to whatever it can throw at you. Here’s everything you need to know about the enemies and structures in the Plains, and how you can best deal with them.


Plains enemies

Plains have relatively few enemies compared to more diverse biomes like swamps, but that doesn’t mean they’re any easier to deal with. Everything in Plains is at your disposal and it has a few tricky items to handle that can kill even the best armored players. If you want to survive on the plains, The first thing you need to do is understand exactly what you are experiencing.


It is likely that you or one of your friends came across one of these when you sailed near the plains. Deathsquitos are fast, flying guards with deadly bites. if they see you, They’ll fly to you, wait a moment, and strike. Then, they’ll fly erratically as you follow you until it’s time for another hit. To make matters worse, Deathsquitos can easily outsmart the player, and the odd timing of his attack makes it difficult to dodge.

Deathsquitos’ best weapon is stealth. They’re young, I see you from afar, and they come quick to kill. Unless you have an endgame shield, you can’t take a hit from it without losing a significant portion of your health. However, as long as you stay informed and spot them first, you can deal with them in a number of ways.

Dealing with a single Deathsquito can be easy, but these nimble enemies are significantly more dangerous in combos. Do everything you can to avoid two fighting at the same time.

Late-game shields, starting with the silver shield, can take a hit from Deathsquitos without too much of a problem. After that, you will have a brief period to attack before you fly off. Ranged weapons are also a great option. Deathsquitos die in one hit to almost everything, so sniping them from afar is one of the best ways to deal with them. However, if they see you, it may be difficult to hit them in flight. instead of it, Wait for the moment they start attacking. They will move in a straight line, allowing you to easily get a long range shot and completely avoid damage.


Lox graze lazily on the sloping hills of the plains.

Loxes are the game animals of the plains, but unlike Deer, you won’t go down without a fight. If you attack a Lox or get too close to it, they will become hostile and start chasing you. They have two attacks that alternate between them: a slow bite and an AOE stomp. Both deal massive damage and are unsustainable Unless you have the best armor in the game.

However, Loxes are slow, and their attacks can be easily dodged with some practice. The best way to deal with it is with coherent attacks or getting around them Where they cannot use the bite attack more frequently while facing the player. Using a method that works for you can allow you to harvest their drops to craft higher quality foods and useful items like Lox Capes.


A Fuling patrol roams the village with spear and shield in hand.

The most common enemy on the plains is the elf-neighboring Fulings that make these dangerous hills their home. Fulings come in a variety of clubs, spears, swords, and torches, and whichever type you face can make all the difference. Follings will simply attack: They will run towards you, swing, then circle around you a few times before closing again. Spear Fulings will break that mould a bit, opting to throw a spear instead of closing the gap.

Fulings have a really wide spotting range, which means that wandering Fuling spawn may end up slowly chasing you wherever you go on the plains.

The fuling is easy to handle individually. The fact that they run between attacks can make killing them with slow melee weapons daunting But it is not impossible. However, if Fullings attack in a group, they can easily become deadly. It becomes hard to focus on a single target, and you’re constantly tasked with evading multiple attacks at once. If you see Fulings, try to catch them one by one or in small groups. If you can, try to kill or severely injure someone with spaced attacks before engaging.

Falling Shaman

A Fuling Shaman gazes from the edge of Fuling Village, watching for threats on the plains.

Fuling Shamans are a special type of Fuling that only spawn in Fuling Villages. They’re one of Valheim’s few magical enemies, and they use that to great effect. Fuling Shamans can either fire a fireball at the player or create a protective shield around all nearby Fulings (including themselves) which requires a few hits to take them down. While they are easy to handle on their own, in a group of Fulings, They can turn a difficult fight into an impossible one.

Fuling Shamans are easy to kill with either ranged or melee attacks. Ideally, you kill them before they use the pesky shield spell, But if the shield spell breaks, you can either try to break through with a few more attacks or pull the fight out to let it die down.

Falling Berserkers

A Fuling Beserker scratches his stomach near a bonfire in Fuling Village.

Fuling Berserkers are a larger version of the goblin raiders who wield big clubs and cheer constantly, they have a health bar big enough to take a few hits no matter what weapon you’re using and they pack enough punch to make you think twice about getting too close. They alternate between three attacks: A right-to-left slash appears quickly, a left-to-right slash has a longer elimination period, and a three-hit combo where they hit the ground and advance toward the player.

Fuling Berserkers have a chance of dropping a Fuling’s totem, so if you see one in a village, it’s worth the risk of killing it.

There is no real trick to killing a Fuling Berserker. You simply have to learn the attacks, continually block or avoid them, and take your time. The most important thing to remember is that You can’t easily block or dodge the 3 hit combo. When the berserker rises and roars, simply run back and put as much distance as possible between you and him.

the growth

Growth is a rare slime-like mob found only in tar pits. Unlike other slime enemies in the game, They pack a deadly ranged attack that deals venom damage Comes with a unique debuff. They’ll fire a series of pitch-black projectiles, and if any of them hit you, you’ll get distorted, which means you’ll move 50% slower for a short time.

Tar is weak to Blunt and Fire damage. Melee combat with them can be difficult because they sometimes refuse to move from Tar Pit spawn points, so even though ranged combat can be risky, they’re probably your best option. But, Growth hates other creatures on the plains, So luring some Loxes to a tar pit can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

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Plains structures

Walking across the plains can be deadly enough, but the real challenge of this biome lies in the unique structures it contains. Unlike most biomes, Almost every structure contains hostile creatures And poses difficult situations that can surprise even the most experienced players.

Fuling villages and forts

Fuling village spreads out on the plains, full of fulings, flax and rickety structures,

Most of the buildings you will see on the plains are either Fuling villages or Fuling castles. Each spawns a flock of Fulings as guards, with villages potentially spawning shamans and haeguns as well. But, These structures contain important loot that you will need to get the most out of the plains. The villages hold flax and wheat, two new crops that are growable on the plains, and both structures have the chance to contain Fuling Totems, the item needed to spawn a Plains Boss.

The best way to remove enemy fortifications is Take the fullings one by one. Use ranged attacks or pinpointing to take out a few enemies at a time, deal with them, and repeat the process.

Tar pits

A pitch-black tar pit obscures the plains landscape. A few growths emerge from the surface of the tar.

Tar pits are another common structure on the plains that hang behind terrifying loot from enemies. These black ponds spawn growth, Which can easily overwhelm players with a rapid barrage of ranged attacks. As if that weren’t enough, the tar itself is so sticky that any item dropped into it becomes unrecoverable. These pits are also home to the coveted tar, which allows you to build lots of nifty decorations at the end of the game.

Growth will grow in the tar pits, allowing you to cultivate the area for tar, even if it is drained.

If you happen to throw your favorite bow in tar or if you really want tar that can be found in the hole, You can drain the liquid by digging a trench down the ground.

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How do you deal with plains

A brightly lit rocky hill in the plains gives way to a forest of birch trees.

The plains, though terrifying, can be tackled with the right gear and mindset. Here are some pointed tips that will help you survive:

  • Use the Fang Spear. The Fang Spear is made from the materials of the mountains and is relatively cheap when compared to other silver weapons. in the plains It provides you with a quick and high damage option ranging from This makes both Fulings and Deathsquitos easier while also serving as a decent melee weapon. Even if you already have a melee weapon that you like, take a spear or two with you. You won’t use a lot of silver, and you’ll thank yourself if you need to use the throwing ability.
  • Scan the horizon. Deathsquitos and Fulings can both surprise you and show up when you least expect them. Never stop looking for new threats, Even if you are already in a fight!
  • Bring a healing med. Plains battles have a way of draining your health quickly. Even if you have decent armor, Fuling, Fuling Berserker or Pesky Deathsquito can weaken your health in just a few attacks. As danger is always over the next hill in the plains, You’ll want a way to quickly catch up from fights that were less than perfect.

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