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How to use the mystery gift option and all available codes

Mystery gifts have been in the Pokemon games for quite some time now. With the addition of Event Pokemon and items, Game Freak has added the option to obtain these mysterious gifts directly from the device instead of attending a specific event.

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Mystery Gifts are codes redeemable in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that offer players free rewards or Pokemon. These bonuses could be uncommon items in the game or even Pokémon not available anywhere else.


How to claim mystery gifts

Finding the list to claim a mystery gift can be difficult. Here is a step by step explanation.

  1. aType the menu into the gamewhich can be done by pressing X.
  2. Select the option “tingling gate” from the options on the right side of the menu.
  3. Select a file mystery gift option, which can be found at the bottom of the list.
  4. He chooses How to receive mystery gifts (Most will be received through Get with Code/Password)

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Types of mystery gifts

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery gift list with the given code/password

There are three ways to receive Mystery Gifts:

  1. Get online – This method is used when there is a virtual event that Nintendo allows players to attend and obtain event items.
  2. Get with code / password – This method is used when Nintendo releases different codes throughout the year.
  3. Check out mystery gifts – This method is for Event Pokemon such as Flying Tera-Type Pikachu for pre-order.

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Active mystery gift codes

Opening Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Mystery Giveaway

Here are the current mystery gifts and tokens that players can get.

Mystery gift code

mystery gifts

Expiration date


capacity capsule

February 28, 2023

Select Get Via Internet after purchasing the game before February 28, 2023

Flying Pikachu from Terra

February 28, 2023

Awarded to those who purchased a digital copy of the game in the eShop by February 28, 2023

Adventure Pack Set (Potion x10, Full Heal x5, Revive x3, Ether x3, Rare Candy x1, Nugget x1)

March 7, 2023


TM171 – Terra Blast

March 31, 2023

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Expired mystery gift codes

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift before you open it

While expired Mystery Gift Codes cannot be redeemed, Pokemon have been known to reuse codes throughout the life of the game. It can be useful to keep track of expired tokens in case they are reused at a later time.

Mysterious Gift Codes

mystery gifts


Random sandwich ingredients

Cheese and ham

Random sandwich ingredients


Random sandwich ingredients

Peanut Butter

Random sandwich ingredients


Random sandwich ingredients


Random sandwich ingredients


Random sandwich ingredients


10x cream cheese, 10x hamburger, 10x noodles, 10x peanut butter, 10x prosciutto, 10x rice

Season’s greetings

50 terra ice cubes


20,000 league points

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