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Investigators said a man who was shot by Montgomery County deputies in Oak Crossing called 911 on himself

Montgomery County, Texas (KTRK) – A man was shot multiple times by Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies during the night, and investigators believe he called 911 on himself.

It’s all revealed at Oak Crossing off Magnolia Boulevard – not far from Magnolia Junior High.

Montgomery County detectives said a man in a home on Oak Crossing called 911 around 12:45 a.m. Thursday and said two men were outside, one of whom had a gun. Dispatch thought it was a robbery about to happen.

The man reportedly made multiple pleas to deputies to speed up during the phone call – saying he thought someone was going to be shot.

The caller gave a detailed description of what the man holding the gun was wearing, according to deputies.

When two deputies arrived at the home, the sheriff’s office said, they saw a man matching the description and ordered him to drop the gun several times.

Investigators said the man refused, pointed the gun at the deputies, and they both opened fire, shooting the man several times in the torso.

The deputies later discovered that the man they shot was actually the person who called 911. The description he gave to dispatchers is said to be a description of himself. Investigators believe there weren’t any intruders outside.

Investigators said the man was going through a “mental health crisis” that may have contributed to what happened. He is 68 years old.

The deputies said the man’s family had been asleep in the house the entire time and had no idea what was going on.

“It’s a very strange situation. Not only is this person now tragically injured, but his family is in a tragic situation,” said specialist Steve Squire. “And then we also understand that our deputies will now go through the mental state after they discharged a weapon and caused an injury of this nature because of the way that person acted. It’s a tragic event that affects many, many people.”

The man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

At this point – he hasn’t been charged with anything, but the case is going to a grand jury.

There is a body camera video of what happened, though investigators haven’t said if that will ever be released.

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