Iowa Woman Raised $37,000 on GoFundMe Claiming She Had 3 Forms of Cancer. Police Say It Was All a Lie

In October 2022, 19-year-old Iowa undergrad Madison Russo purchased extreme in regards to the staggering sickness analysis she talked about she’d purchased eight months sooner.

“I feel like I’ve been shaken to my spirit, and the present moment, everything is somewhat dubious,” the Bettendorf occupant suggested the North Scott Press about purportedly being determined to have pancreatic sickness pretty early on. “I simply need to know my approach, and at the present time, I don’t have the foggiest idea what that is.”

For causes unknown, it was each of the a lie, as indicated by the Eldridge Police Division.

Russo supposedly utilized that deceive bilk just about $38,000 from 439 clueless benefactors on a GoFundMe account she made by dishonestly guaranteeing she had Intense Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Stage II Pancreatic Disease, and a football-sized most cancers that was folded over her spine, the Eldridge Police Division talked about in an proof purchased by Individuals.

She made recordings on Tik Tok about her state of affairs, and was shot with a canine sporting a purple “Group Maddie” handkerchief spherical its neck.

On Jan. 23, Russo was captured and accused of theft by method of misdirection, a class C crime. She was captured whereas she was at college at St. Ambrose College in Davenport, as per the assertion.

She was taken to Scott Province Prison the place she was held on a $10,000 cash bond, which she later posted.

Local people and benefactors the similar are shocked, considerably since Russo had shared her story so convincingly by method of web-based leisure, on a digital recording, as a buyer speaker at St. Ambrose College and on the Public Pancreatic Establishment in Chicago and in an intensive meeting with the North Scott Press, a paper defending Scott District, Iowa.

“Presently I’m nauseated, not for my $200, yet that now I need to waver about helping other people,” one unknown benefactor suggested WQAD.

Telling the North Scott Press she was given a 11 p.c endurance cost for pretty a whereas, she talked about she glided by method of the first of 15 rounds of oral chemotherapy and 90 rounds of radiation.

“Eleven percent,” she suggested the paper. “At 19 years of age, I couldn’t say whether I will actually witness I move on from school, get hitched, or become a mother. Meanwhile, I will battle.”

Russo let the paper know that whereas going by method of her strenuous medicines, she was as however capable of get a “fantasy temporary job” with John Deere and end the semester with a 3.85 grade stage common. She even suggested the paper she had gone to the Mayo Facility for an interview to “hear one more point of view.”

While Russo talked about her sickness analysis and posted about it by method of web-based leisure, “witnesses who have clinical experience” thought one factor was awry, as per the police articulation.

On Jan. 11, these mysterious observers met with an exploring official on the Eldridge Police Division and “brought up numerous clinical disparities found on her photos posted on her web-based entertainment destinations,” Head of Police Joseph Sisler talked about throughout the proclamation. “It was found through examination, that different and aside from the clinical disparities, and from the GoFundMe page, Madison acknowledged private gifts from different organizations, non-benefit associations, school areas and confidential residents,” he proceeded.

“The names of the casualties won’t be delivered as of now as we are as yet attempting to gather the data from all casualties,” add Sisler.

During the examination, summons for medical info have been gotten that “showed that Madison had never been determined to have any sort of malignant growth or cancer from any clinical offices inside the Quad Urban areas or encompassing urban communities,” he talked about throughout the articulation.

Police executed a court docket docket order at Russo’s condominium in Bettendorf “where officials tracked down things of evidentiary worth,” he talked about throughout the proclamation.

“Since this is a continuous examination, we can’t talk about what was found.” As per court docket docket research purchased by KWQC, specialists held onto medical supplies, monetary establishment info, an IV shaft, a caring for siphon, a hairpiece, cash, capsules for queasiness which have been helpful beneath an whole’s establish and a 2023 Kia Sportage.

Thomas Bouland, who coordinated the GoFundMe, launched it down, WQAD research. He rescued Russo of jail, as per court docket docket archives, WQAD research.

It is muddled the way in which by which that Bouland and Russo know one another. In an proof purchased by Individuals, GoFundMe talked about it “has a zero resistance technique for abuse of our basis and helps out policing of these blamed for unhealthy conduct. “All contributors have been discounted and we now have taken out this pledge drive.

“The recipient has additionally been prohibited from involving the stage for any future pledge drives. GoFundMe’s Giving Assurance offers a full discount in the uncommon situation when there’s something off about something; this is the solitary contributor security ensure in the raising support industry.”

It is muddled whether or not or not Russo has gotten a lawyer who can remark for her sake. Russo is consider to get once more to court docket docket on Walk 2 for her arraignment.

Not all givers are with out compassion in direction of Russo. “My reasoning is, say a request for this small child, since she will have a great deal of horrible outcomes thus,” Louis Frillman, who gave $500 to the GoFundMe, suggested WQAD. At the aim when he accepted his low price, he suggested the flexibility provide, “I thought she had died.”

Eldridge police are likewise asking the people who gave to Russo’s pledge drive to contact the office at 563-285-3916 or by messaging them at (*3*)

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