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ISD Humble School Fight: Parent accused of carrying a gun during a fight involving 5 students at Atascocita High School

Humble, Texas (KTRK) – Images from a video circulating on social media show what Humble ISD described as a fight that started outside the school before spilling out on Friday afternoon.

in a letter Obtained by ABC13, Atascocita High School principal Will Falker said the “turmoil” began at the end of the day.

In the letter from Falker to the parents, it was stated that one of the parents had entered the campus without permission, and the fight had begun.

Overall, district officials said this involved at least two parents and five students.

According to Humble ISD, one such parent will be charged with unlawful possession of a gun, and one parent has been issued a citation.

Tonight at 10, only ABC13 is speaking to the adults involved in the big brawl. Why do they say they never intended to escalate things to this level.

The district said the gun never entered the school and was in the parking lot.

Three of the students involved are now facing juvenile charges and could eventually be removed from campus for 180 days.

Humble ISD has not released any additional details regarding the fight, and one parent who spoke with Eyewitness News said it was waiting for more information before making a ruling.

“I really don’t know how to feel about it because I don’t know why the parent was there in the first place,” said Laurie, whose child goes to school. “(Whether) she was there to protect her child or if she was there to make the situation worse.”

ABC13 asked ISD modest follow-up questions regarding the armed parent, but the district has yet to respond.

No serious injuries were reported after the fight, and no one was taken away by ambulance, the district told witnesses Monday.

You can view the full message from Falker obtained by ABC13 regarding the incident here.

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