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Jim Jones Clears the Air: Denies Beating Freddie Gibbs in Entertaining Interview

Jim Jones denies knowing anything about the altercation between Freddie Gibbs and him in 2021. During an episode of Queenzflip and DJ G Money’s FlipDaScript podcast, Jim Jones answered questions about reports suggesting he and Freddie Gibbs got into an argument at Prime 112 restaurant on Miami’s Ocean Drive. There is no way I touched anybody in Miami, no way. I have no idea what this nigga is talking about, bro, Jim Jones stated matter-of-factly. Jim Jones says, If I did anything in today’s world, everyone would see it. Jim Jones denied knowing about the reported fight when further questioned. Would you mind telling me where I can find this? I haven’t seen it. Is it on YouTube?” Jim asked.

According to Jim, Freddie Gibbs dissed him in the past, and he has an issue with him. I have never done anything to this man. He said that he was trying to figure out what had happened. I don’t remember getting into a fight in a restaurant. After exchanging words with Freddie Gibbs, one of Jim’s crew members punched him and a brawl ensued. Eyewitnesses reported Jim’s crew got the better of Freddie Gibbs in December of 2021. Afterwards, Gibbs claimed he had not been injured. When Gibbs downplayed the matter on The Breakfast Club last November, Jones threatened to leak footage of the event.

During A Very Entertaining Interview With Jim Jones, He denies beating Freddie Gibbs Up

It has been denied once again by Jim Jones that he and Freddie Gibbs ever had an altercation in Miami in 2021. On the Flip Da Script podcast, the Lobby Boyz rapper was asked about the fight and denied it, as well as professing his own non-violent lifestyle. QueenzFlip began the conversation by only mentioning the fight, which allegedly happened at Miami’s Prime 112 in December 2021. In a video uploaded on Saturday (January 28), Jim Jones plays off the interviewer’s refusal to include specific details about the fight by pretending he doesn’t know about it. I didn’t touch anybody in Miami. Not at all, Capo says. Bro, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Well, if I did anything today, we would probably all see it the same way they do everything else. When and where did this happen? I haven’t seen this before. Is it on YouTube? It’s like I don’t understand what you’re saying. In light of the fact that, in October 2022, Jones claimed he had video footage of his fight with Freddie Gibbs that disproved Gibbs’ claim it was merely a food fight, Jones’s request for video evidence is ironic. In a since-deleted Instagram post, he wrote, Prime footage loadin lol.

Should I be petty or keep the player because this looks nasty, that’s all I’m saying. The Harlem rapper did not produce the footage, however. Jim Jones shared a follow-up video that day in which he claimed he no longer cared about others’ opinions or acted on emotions. QueenzFlip redirected his questions to ask whether Jim Jones ever felt disrespected by Gibbs because Jones refused to address the fight directly. The past may have been filled with some things he said about people that weren’t exactly kind, Jimmy said. That threw me for a loop, I thought, Why would he talk about me that way? The most lovable person I know, I love everyone. In response to a question about whether Jones had attended the same restaurant the day Freddie Gibbs was allegedly assaulted, Jones turned up the pacifist act, claiming that he avoided settings where “aggressive” rappers might be present. In interviews, Jim Jones has avoided addressing his alleged confrontation with Freddie Gibbs before.

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