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Microsoft is holding an event tomorrow, likely to focus on artificial intelligence

Microsoft has announced a new event that will take place tomorrow, February 7th, at 10am PST. The company hasn’t shared any details regarding what will be on display at the event, but a potential topic that will be talked about is artificial intelligence, something Microsoft is increasingly focusing on.

Recently, Microsoft introduced a slew of new features for Microsoft Teams with Launch Teams PremiumThis includes new AI features supported by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5. These supported some of Teams’ automatic language features, like live meeting translation and annotations, and a few months ago we saw features like Microsoft Designer and Image Creator, which were powered by the popular image creator DALL-E 2.

Recently, Microsoft seemed to release a new version of Bing to the public by accident, which is also supported by ChatGPT. This model replaced the typical search engine interface with a heavily conversational user interface that appeared answers instantly rather than providing search results as a typical search engine would. This new interface for Bing has been quickly pulled offline, but if it is made available, it’s probably almost ready for prime time.

Earlier this week, Google had already announced its own Chat GPT competitor called cool, a conversational AI service powered by Google’s own language artificial intelligence model, LaMDA. Bard will be available to Trusted Testers starting today, with wider availability planned in the coming weeks. The initial version of Bard will be based on a lightweight version of LaMDA, making it more widely available.

If Microsoft really plans to introduce a new version of Bing with ChatGPT integration, it could compete directly with Google, and start on equal footing (in terms of timing, at least). This could allow Microsoft’s Bing to get some edge against Google, but of course, we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s event to find out more.

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