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Midnight Sun: The Abbey Guide

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  • Fishermen’s quarters and barracks

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, The Abbey is a sprawling old mansion where all the heroes live together, hang out together, and train to fight evil together. It serves at players’ home base as well when they use The Hunter to explore, unlock, and socialize throughout the story. In The Abbey, players will build relationships, bond with each hero, and evolve their combat strategy in between each explosive superhero battle.

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The Abbey offers a beautiful and mysterious home for the heroes throughout the game’s story. However, the many crafting, upgrade, relationship-based, and training options that the late game unlocks are rather staggering. So whether you’re a new player or an old pro, here’s an easy guide on The Abbey and how to make the best use of its resources.


Imprisoned within the vault of The Abbey, The Hellforge is actually a fiery demon used by Doctor Strange and Iron Man to unlock quest rewards and craft upgrades. Research is one of the most important aspects For the entire monastery, so players should pay particular attention to the various Abbey upgrades, quest progression points, and quality of life improvements that research through The Forge can offer.

Winning each mission awards players b gamma file Maybe It was opened by Tony Stark. This introduces a bunch of new hero cards to choose from based on rarity. Doctor Strange can also unlock any artifact Received from battle and gives essence, combat items, and other currencies. Vital to upgrading the legendary abilities of heroes, it is in The Forge where players can also craft blueprints.

Item crafting

Ultimately, players will Open the crafting station Just falls Behind The Forge. Here, players can Craft fighting items They can use them in the heat of battle. Better quality combat item development can be achieved by researching The Forge. Also, as the game progresses, players can unlock multiple combat item slots, giving new opportunity for strategy and unique builds during battles.

the yard

Marvel's Midnight Suns the yard

The Yard, as the main training grounds, superhero hospital, and place for hero ability upgrades, is another vital to The Abbey during the day. Players will find it very necessary Visit The Yard every day Because many of his most impactful activities can only be done once a day. In the end, players can also unlock the lock “combat therapy” Which speeds up heroes’ recovery and gives bonuses in battle when they recover.


Marvel's Midnight Suns compete daily with the Huntsman, Captain America, and Doctor Strange

sparring It is an important aspect of The Yard and This must be done daily. It’s the go-to way to maintain Hunter’s relationships with other Heroes when Hangouts, Chats, or Sanctuaries aren’t available. Players can compete as a hunter against one superhero each day with interaction rewarding Friendship points, experience points and currency rewards. Sparring also helps lower level characters avoid being too far behind can be a good way to keep some of the less used characters relevant.

upgrades and mods

Marvel's Midnight Suns blade abilities

the yard It is also the place to be Upgrade each hero’s abilities. This is especially important because once the hero is possessed 3 copies of a certain card, they can upgrade that ability to give it additional characteristics and better stats. By the end of the game, most of the available heroes should have the majority of upgraded cards in their decks. Mods also bring another level of adding stats to cards and decks. However, mods are randomly assigned, so the player can “gamble” on spending their resources on mods, but they are mandatory for late game builds of any heroes.

threat room

Marvel's Midnight Suns Threat Room

The Threat Chamber opens after a significant progression in the main story of Midnight Suns. Once that happens, the central place to get specific heroes becomes a big part of your individual XP. With its unique mechanics and enemies, this portal combat unlocked by Magik is a great way to do just that Promote existing favorites and keep lower tier champions from falling. However, some hero decks that work in squads to survive the threat room may have to change and players must adapt accordingly.

war room

Marvel's Midnight Suns war room and many superheroes standing around the mirror table

If The Forge and The Yard is for setting and planning, the The war room is purely offensive, overt and confidential. Housing Captain Marvel’s Intelligence Center, sending Heroes on intelligence-gathering missions, and selecting each mission from the Mirror Table are all part of the War Room offerings. Choose tasks directly from Mirror Table has its own strategy Because Midnight Suns can be a Resource intensive game.

When choosing tasks, keep a close eye on what each one offers as a reward. The Intelligence bonus will also happen in the War Room where players can also exchange resources for blueprints and currency through the Shield Exchange in CENTRAL


Marvel's Midnight Suns central hub

Intel Cache Decryption and Hero Ops These are the main tools that CENTRAL offers players in The Abbey. The cache’s source of intelligence can either come from CENTRAL assigned tasks or from interrogating enemies on the battlefield. If done with an Intel hub, players will then need to choose to assign heroes to off-screen missions. during this time, champions in Intel tasks will not be available For regular turn-based combat.

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the library

Marvel's Captain Marvel's Midnight Suns and the Art of War

Aside from Agatha’s ghost constantly hanging around, the library at Midnight is full of ancient texts, spooky spells, and some good shawarma recipes. Players should Constantly check out books to read For some extra XP and coins, eg books available will It changes every few days. The library is also a site Agatha’s cauldron And Blade Book Club Meetings, if the players choose to be part of the club. That Captain Marvel, Captain America, Blade, and eventually Wolverine have a legitimate book club in Midnight Suns is totally fun. No spoilers about the book club’s plot twists here, but the main combat benefit for the library comes from Agatha’s Cauldron.

Agatha’s cauldron

Marvel's Midnight Suns agatha cauldron

After you’ve progressed through the main Midnight Suns quests enough, Agatha’s Great Cauldron of Mages will appear in The Library. Here any reagents or plant life collected by players can be used. Cauldron can craft combat items, exchange reagents for different essence types, give gifts to heroes, transform the Wundagore Everbloom, and develop ingredients for research.

Fishermen’s quarters and barracks

Marvel's Midnight Hunter in his room

The barracks and fisherman’s quarters are where all the heroes have their personal spaces. Periodically, the bedroom of other superheroes will be unlocked, giving Hunter a chance to check out personal items, socialize, and continue to customize any picture frame in The Abbey. Aside from decorating the picture frames with their in-game photos, Hunter has a great deal of customization options for their bedroom. Players can choose the colors, decor, and furniture to add to the Hunter’s room, where they will go to sleep after each mission and wake up early in the morning.

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