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New Windows 11 beta builds patch some bugs with Task Manager, search box

Microsoft has released two new builds to the Windows 11 beta channel. there Building 22623.1250 For those who have new features being rolled out, post it Building 22621.1250 For those who have new features disabled by default. These do not bring any important features, and the second build (for those with new features) focuses on bug fixes for the taskbar, task manager, and search.

First starting with the Changes in both buildsThere is only one you should be aware of. Microsoft says it’s adding a new policy for IT admins to manage how the search box appears on the taskbar in their organizations. New ConfigureSearchOnTaskBarMode policies can hide search on the taskbar, hide only the search icon, hide the search icon and label, or show a search box. Without these policies, Windows will be set to default, and users can change the settings themselves. Microsoft talks about this in a file Separate blog postif you’re curious.

to me Changes in version 22623.1250You can check out the full history below. Basically, these are fixes for issues like the narrator not working, dragging windows around the search box, text scaling, or the search box disappearing outright.

That’s all there is to know about this week’s beta channel releases. If you’re running Windows 11 and have a PC registered with the Dev Channel, you’ve got a build to download earlier this week. The design introduced the new Spotify and Phone Link tools.

Source: Microsoft

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