No State Sponsors Terror Against Itself, Tinubu Support Group Warns

As Nigerians continue to pass through excruciating pains caused by the new monetary policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and petrol scarcity, a support group of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has warned that no country sponsors terror against itself in some deliberate attempt at self termination.

The group, The Patriots Roundtable, said that a situation whereby few people in power formulate policies without taking into consideration its pros and cons is dangerous.

“No state sponsors terror against itself in some deliberate attempt at self termination. No. It is self-conflicting.

“While it is agreed that suicide is a unitary action of an individual, the collective hurry of a ruling entity towards its own destruction is an inflicted, self summoned annihilation; the blind, crazed purging of the state by the incumbent power. It is a pogrom of the colllectives.

“This obliterating recourse is tantamount to incendiary looseness, a frightening invitation to paralysis and the general raging of the bayonet.

“Here , everyone is an uncautioned, unhindered master of the realm, defining his presence in the mightiest triumph of the wielded cudgel.

“The state eviscerates itself in the suicidal progression of its policies, in the crude orchestration of popular clamor, in the obtuse sponsorship of misguided ideas that would galvanize the populace against its continuity,” the Director -General of The Patriots Roundtable, Prince Uthman Shodipe -Dosunmu said in a statement.

According to him, Nigeria is on precipice as a result of the actions of these few individuals, which has thrown the country into darkness.

“Such now is the disheartening drama of the Nigerian isle when cold, distant , ephemeral cohorts foolishly hurry themselves into destruction by deliberate acts of sabotage and terror both against themselves and the people.

“The Nigerian isle is now flung in darkness without enlightened purpose, without truth , without knowledge, impoverished by the guiding actors , provoked into rebellion by transient arrogant men , who know no God, who are embraced in evil , who are indifferent to the increasing troubles, spurning the widening miseries, scoffing at the flight of mercy and flourishing in intemperate majesty of the wicked , blind to the implacable gathering storm that may consume them all.

“Let them frown and scowl, let them wail and storm in godly pride . Let envy be their silenced woe. . They doth lie,” Shodipe -Dosunmu added.

The timing for the redesign of naira notes has been criticized in many quarters. Nigerians are practically buying the country’s currency to feed, even though the nation is not in a state of war. More worrisome is actual fights that have been recorded in banking halls, ATM and POS points, and markets across the country as people look for the new notes.

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