Overview Of BTC Price History

Overview Of BTC Price History—-Bitcoin was the first digital asset that emerged in 2008 but the first mention of this coin was fixed in 2009. The creator of this asset is still unknown, but the pseudonym was Satoshi Nakamoto. Was it a person or a team – still unknown.

However, the emergence of this asset put the beginning of the whole industry development, and the development of major crypto assets was based on the Bitcoin code.

In its initial years, Bitcoin was not very popular, but now, in 2023, it is the most traded asset with the most significant capitalization and trade volume in the market. Bitcoin is listed on all popular crypto platforms, and the BTC to USDT pair is one of the most common for traders. As of January 2023, this pair is traded at $18. Let’s see how this asset has developed since its emergence.

Important Points in Bitcoin History

Here are the main events in Bitcoin history`;

  • The asset’s price did not cross the mark of $1000 until November 2013. In the same month, the coin reached over $1,127 level.
  • In January 2025, the cost for one coin dropped to $172.
  • Between 2015 and 2017, the asset again broke the mark of $1000.
  • $10000 level was reached in 2017.
  • December 2017 is known for the $17,249 cost for one coin.
  • The price drop started in 2018 and ended with the Bitcoin rate of $3000.
  • The price peak was reached in 2021 – $67,617 in November 2021, which is its all-time high.

In 2022, the cryptocurrency market collapsed, and the Bitcoin rate dropped to around $30 and even to $20 in the summer.

BTC Price Prediction 2025

Bitcoin is the asset with the highest capitalization. It is the most stable asset for long-term investment. That is, BTC is good for buying and holding. Experts believe the

BTC future price will reach $124 in 2025. the market trend may change. So far, you can buy Bitcoins and hold them long-term. You can do that on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange – an official platform with a license. The exchange supports crypto and fiat conversion, the BTC USDT price on WhiteBIT is no different from the leading platforms’ rates, and the transaction fees are fixed at 0,10%.

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