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People Smuggling: Traffic Stop in Del Rio Texas Leads to Houston Driver Arrested for Hiding 5 Illegal Immigrants in Car

Del Rio, TX (KTRK) – A traffic stop in Del Rio, Texas, has led to the arrest of a Houston man who the Texas Department of Public Safety says was smuggling five illegal immigrants.

A man, whom authorities only shared a photo of Cobb in the video above, was pulled over on the morning of January 23 on SL-79 in Val Verde County.

During the stop, the state policeman determined that the driver was involved in people smuggling. The video shows at least two people who appear to be lying in the back seat.

A total of five illegal immigrants were escorted out of the vehicle, including an Iranian national who was found hiding inside the trunk, according to the Texas Police Department.

The driver was arrested, and all five illegal immigrants were referred to the Border Patrol.

The authorities did not release the suspect’s name.

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